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Finding Power On the Go

Finding Power On the Go

Boondocking is an incredibly appealing method of camping for a large number of people. After all, who wouldn't like to get away from the business of everyday life for a bit to relax in the still beauty of the wilderness?

That said, there are also a large number of challenges that come along with boondocking. Unfortunately, these challenges often lead people to avoid the practice altogether.

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One of the most difficult parts of boondocking is finding enough electricity to charge and run all of the electronic devices we use on a daily basis. Fortunately, there are ways to go about this. Here are a few of the most popular options.

Add Storage

Perhaps the easiest option is to top up your RV battery before you head out. However, many people find that the one battery included with their rig isn’t enough to last more than a couple of days. In this case, you may want to consider adding a second battery in order to increase the amount of power you can store.

For many part-time boondockers, this is enough to get by.

Invest in a Generator

Many motorhomes come with a generator. If yours did, you can put this to good use producing electricity for when you “dry camp”. Even if your RV doesn’t have a generator, you can always invest in one yourself to add to the mix.

A generator is great for running of short periods of time, and can even run the air conditioner for an hour or two at a time. That said, the fuel to run a generator can get quite expensive, and they can be very loud. Additionally, it is important to note that generators do create fumes that should not be allowed to enter the RV for safety reasons.

Harness the Sun

The cleanest and cheapest way to harness power for your RV is through the use of the sun. This option works especially well when staying in a wide open, sunny space, but can be used almost anywhere.

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It’s typically best to invest in a portable solar panel or two rather than attaching panels to the roof, as the portable units can be moved an adjusted to catch the sun’s rays throughout the day. However, roof-mounted panels do have some advantages, including ease of use.

Either way, solar power is perhaps the best way to trickle charge your batteries while boondocking.

Considering the Wind

Some people have made an attempt at using wind energy in their motorhomes and trailers. While this could potentially work in the future—when smaller, lighter, and more portable equipment makes its way onto the scene—wind power is currently very difficult to gather, and in the end, the return isn’t worth the investment. Therefore, it is recommended that power seekers turn to solar energy for the time being.

These options are the very best ways to ensure you have power wherever you may roam. Of course, whichever option(s) you choose will be based on your personal needs. No matter what you choose, I know you will be happy to have all the comforts offered by electricity following you on every adventure you take.

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