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Finding Fitness in the New Year

Finding Fitness in the New Year

Christmas—a time of egg nog, alcohol, cookies and treats—sitting and visiting, traveling and ham and well, you get the point. People tend to put on a couple of pounds of winter “insulation”. Unfortunately, there is the accountability of New Year. This is a time when people look at where they are and where they’d prefer to be. One of the number one New Year’s resolutions regards losing weight and/or improving one’s fitness; however, how do you get started?

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Find a Plan that Works for You

Although I personally don’t adhere to a packaged diet regimen or gym membership, I do believe that putting a few dollars in as an investment helps jump-start your success. It provides an easy-to-follow process with predetermined steps and specific guidelines and times.

Once you’ve become accustomed to what you need to do to achieve your goals, you can fine-tune it to your personal preferences and requirements. In the meantime, systems like “Weight Watchers” and “Jenny Craig” have frozen meals available at grocery stores across the country and places like “24-Hour Fitness” are available in most major cities.

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Become Accountable

Create realistic steps and benchmarks. Whether you go to weekly meetings or post your stats (weight, reps, mph) online, it is good to in some way, make yourself accountable. Documenting your calorie count each day is one method, practicing mindfulness is another. Basically, be consistent in order to help yourself stay focused on your fitness goals.

Then, create weekly or monthly benchmarks and write them down, so you can mark your progress. There are many apps that can help with this. Reward yourself for the successful completion of each.

Getting Active Reduces Stress

Long days of travel can be more than a little stressful. One way you can combat this is to get active when you stop for the night. This can sometimes be tricky if you aren’t familiar with the area. Fortunately, there are several options.

If you have joined a fitness center as part of your plan for achieving your goals, research parks that are near whichever one you have a membership with. In fact, many campgrounds provide an onsite gym with a variety of equipment. Additionally, many have hiking and biking trails, as well.

Yoga and stretching can be done in relatively small spaces within the RV. These exercises are exceptionally great methods for reducing stress, which is an important part of any fitness resolutions. There have been many studies linking stress to weight gain, as well as high blood pressure and depression. It’s amazing what a good workout you can get in as little as a two-foot area.

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Commit to Making the Majority of Your Meals

With the convenience and availability of fast food, it’s easy to get into some poor eating habits when you travel. With a bit of planning, however, you can continue to prepare your own meals. Additionally, if you join a dietary plan with prepackaged entrees, it can be easy. Buy raw veggies for a quick snack on the road.

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Once you have arrived at your destination, continuing to cook will help you move forward on your fitness goals without the backtrack of poor eating while relocating. Try to adhere to a schedule of shopping for groceries and doing your prep work like chopping produce, etc. This helps you stick to a routine.

In Conclusion

It is important with any New Year’s resolution to make sure it’s something that can fit into your life so it’ll be something that you can stick with. Identify areas that may cause you to drop your new good habits and come up with a plan to address each. You might even discuss your fitness goals with whoever you’re traveling with, so they can help you reach them without accidentally sabotaging your efforts.

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By making a plan with logical steps that you are excited about, you are almost guaranteed success. Be consistent in your efforts, but forgive accidental (and even intentional) lapses and avoid quitting. Just like every aspect of your RV lifestyle, working on your goals can be an adventure. Enjoy and good luck!

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