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Find the right RV Repair Service. Here are some things you should be looking for...

Find the right RV repair service

If you're lucky, prepared, and the gods smile on you, the only times you'll need to take your RV in for servicing is when it needs its planned periodic maintenance. If you're like us, however, you're looking for RV repair service when you're far away from your "home base," and it's either late at night or on a weekend. With emergency repairs required, how do you know who to get? This is especially tricky if you're in an unfamiliar area or on the road. So, what should you look for? What criteria should the would-be rv repair service meet?

Will They Accommodate You?

One of the first things we look for when choosing a mechanic is how quickly they can get to us. If it's a weekend and our bedroom slide-out is stuck, are we going to have to wait until Monday? Depending on the issue, and the distance to the nearest facility, sometimes a mobile mechanic is necessary. So, in a pinch, it's important to determine which repair service will be able to help you when you need it.

Hours Available: Although most repair shops have regular daytime hours, some are open late or have emergency services available. If you're looking for a shop to perform periodic maintenance or do a repair that doesn't drastically affect your lifestyle, normal operating hours may be sufficient. If, however, you're broken down at the side of the road, after hours, emergency services may be needed.
Proximity or Mobile Capability: Even for small repairs and maintenance, a repair facility in close proximity requires less fuel, less time, and makes taking your RV in generally easier. If your RV is incapacitated, a repair shop that is closer costs less to be towed. Plus, in some areas, mobile mechanics can come to you. This is particularly helpful if your RV can't move or it would be dangerous to move it.

Availability of Parts and Supplies:
Some RV and trailer repair shops keep an extensive supply of commonly used parts on hand. This makes it easy to complete some repairs quickly. When a part has to be ordered, it may take a week to arrive, which adds quite a bit of time to the overall repair. For normal maintenance and replacements, try to find a nearby facility that has the parts you need in stock.

Are They Qualified?

Although many fulltime RVers choose to do simple repairs themselves, for more complicated issues, it's important to use a qualified, professional service center.

First, check whether they have the appropriate certificates and experience to work on your particular brand of travel trailer or RV. Ask about their certifications. This is especially important for motorhomes that are under warranty. Next, find out if it's recommended by major insurance companies, which shows they trust the repair shop. Make sure the shop is Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) certified, which means they've learned the top techniques from the manufacturers themselves. Then, determine whether they’re up to date on recent techniques and technology. Also, it's important that the shop has the right equipment and adequate facilities to make the necessary repairs.

For your RV's appliances, determine whether the shop is experienced repairing them. If not, you should consider getting a repair person qualified to work on that specific appliance. For example, getting a refrigerator repair person to work on the refrigerator.

Do They Guarantee Their Repairs?
With an RV, proper repairs might be even more important than with a regular vehicle since you live in it, as well. Plus, with the larger size, a part failure on the road can have catastrophic results. When possible, you want to use a qualified, reliable repair shop that offers lifetime warranties on their work. This shows that the company stands by their work and the products they used.

In Conclusion
Before any repair, make sure to check your warranty. Some warranties have specific requirements that a mechanic working on your RV needs to follow. If you believe the repair will be covered by your insurance, check also your policy or contact your insurance provider to determine whether they have terms that need to be followed, as well.

By doing a little research and choosing the best company for the job, you'll reduce your risk of problems farther down the road. Good luck and happy travels!

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