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Find the Best Pirate Festival

Find the Best Pirate Festival

Ahoy Matey! Ye Be Channeling Yer Inner Pirate at these Awesome Pirate Festivals in 2017!

If you are looking for some great family fun that is a little different from the standard museum or theme park, why not check out a pirate festival? They have all the standard festival fare: food, live music, performances, shopping, but… they also have PIRATES!

This is a list of some of the best in the country, but there are many others. Some of the festivals will offer Groupon discounts in the days and weeks leading up to event so check the site for deals.

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Contraband Days
May 4 – 14
Lake Charles, Louisiana
I grew up in Louisiana and I can tell you, they know how to do festivals. This one is no different. Enjoy great food, live music and carnival rides. The O’Reillys Auto Parts & Seven Slot Society Car Show is on the 13th and the 41st Annual Contraband Days 5 Mile Run starts at 7 am. There’s plenty of pirating to do in LA!

Blackbeard Pirate Festival
June 2 – 4
Hampton, Virginia
Hampton, VA and the Pirate Blackbeard have a lot of history and once a year that history is revisited through this festival. There will be the typical food and entertainment, but festivalgoers will also have a front row seat to impromptu street skirmished and full scale sea battles as well as historical reenactments.

Northern California Pirate Festival
June 17 & 18
Vallejo, California
This is the only event like this in the San Francisco Bay Area. Enjoy food, fun, entertainment, and great shopping on the Vallejo Waterfront. Purchase your tickets online or at the gate then enjoy some great pirate fun.

The Beaufort Pirate Invasion
August 11 – 12
Beaufort, North Carolina
Take a step back in time for two whole days as you roam the historic streets of Beaufort. There will be tons of family fun with magic shows, unique shopping, live music, storytelling, and a costume contest. Plus, there will be more than a hundred pirates and militia reenactors milling all about town.

Tybee Island Pirate Fest
October 5 – 8
Tybee Island, Georgia
If you haven’t been to Tybee Island, you’re missing out. It’s gorgeous. The Tybee Pirate Fest is fun for the entire family. Enjoy the entertainment, find some treasure at the Thieves Market, and do lots of, well, pirate stuff.

Fort Myers Beach Pirate Festival
October 6
Fort Myers Beach, Florida
USA Today named the FMB Pirate Festival the #2 Pirate Festival in the Country. Pirates from all over will descent on Fort Myers Beach for some swashbuckling adventures. Even the littlest pirates will love the pirate bazaar, great food, live music, and live ship battles.

St. Augustine Pirate Gathering & Buccaneer Bar B-Q
November (Dates Not Yet Confirmed)
St. Augustine, Florida
Live music, sword fighting duels, and tasty barbecue. There’s even a kids’ zone for the little swashbucklers. There are tons of fun for the entire family. The dates aren’t yet confirmed, so keep checking the website for updates as they develop.

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Have you ever been to a Pirate Festival? Thinking of going? Tell us about it in your best pirate voice.

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