Expanding Tiny Spaces with Multi-Functional Furniture

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Expanding Tiny Spaces with Multi-Functional Furniture

Expanding Tiny Spaces with Multi-Functional Furniture

In an RV, space is limited. Tiny living areas require some creative safe saving measures and one of the most popular ways is with multi-functional furniture. You probably already have at least a few pieces that serve several purposes; RV manufacturers have been using them for years. Dinettes that convert to beds and sofa sleepers with storage are fairly standard in most RVs, but there is an emergence of furniture pieces that have three uses – or even more.

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My husband and I are planning to replace our sofa with a multi-functional piece so I’ve been looking at various options. My search has revealed not just sofas, but other interesting, useful pieces as well. Some of these are pretty cool. Do you think they would work in your tiny space?

Duty Box Wardrobe – This may not have as many uses as some of the other pieces on this list, but it is one of my personal favorites. It is a full length mirror that houses a wall cabinet with enough shelves to store 18 pairs of shoes. The mirrored door opens in the front, but it can be mounted to open either to the right or left, making it very adaptable for sitting into limited spaces.

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Fanny Adams Multi-Functional Sofa – This incredible sofa transforms into a double bed with drawers below for storage. On the back is a shelf that can double as a desk or counter. There are also small touches like the drink holders in the arm rests. This is great in an RV to provide an extra bed for guests, or in a studio where space is at a real premium.

Sofista – If you’ve ever tried entertaining in an RV you know that seating can be a real problem. You could keep several chairs in the living area, but how practical is that? Foldable lawn chairs could work in a pinch, but, really? Sofista offers a solution with a modular sofa that turns into a three piece set: a couch, chair, and chaise longue. This allows you to seat at least two, or even three, additional people. When you don’t need the extra seating it tucks neatly away under the sofa. Then, if your guests stay over it turns into a space saving bed.

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Daniel Pearlman Coffee Table – When assembled, this coffee table has a sleek modular look, but when you take it apart you get three functional elements: a side table, a chair, and a low coffee table. It is incredibly space saving and easy to store.

Casulo – This is the ultimate in multi-functional furniture. Basically, it is an apartment in a box - a 31” x 47” box. It is perfect for an RV or tiny house. Inside that box you’ll find:
  • A bed with mattress
  • A six shelf bookcase
  • Two stools
  • A height adjustable stool
  • A desk (or table)
  • An armoire
If you could design any multi-functional piece that you want, what would it be? Let me hear about your super creative, practical, and useful ideas.

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