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Disposing of Trash While Boondocking

Disposing of Trash While Boondocking

Finding your own little place to call home in the middle of nowhere is a thrilling experience. However, as wonderful as boondocking is, it definitely comes with its own set of challenges. One of the biggest issues people run into when boondocking is trash disposal. After all, big dumpsters aren’t generally found hanging out in the wilderness.

So what do you do with your trash when spending several days off-grid? Check out the tips below.

Less In, Less Out

First, it is important to always remember that whatever goes in must come out. Therefore, it’s best to choose items with less packaging such as fresh fruits/vegetables and meat wrapped in butcher paper rather than plastic. If you do pick up some items with packaging, dispose of that packaging in the garbage cans at the grocery store or at home before you leave.

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Head Outside

In order to keep your rig from smelling like garbage, you will probably want to find a way to store your waste outside.

Recyclables that are well-rinsed rarely have any sort of food smell to them. These types of items can be placed in a weighted container with a tight-fitting lid and left just outside your RV without attracting animals to your site.

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Other types of waste will need to be stored a bit more carefully in order to avoid issues with the local wildlife. For many, the best option is to dump the garbage in a heavy duty trash bag which is then placed in a locking bin and stored on top of their RV.

Start a Compost Bin

A good amount of your food waste can be put into a compost bin. There are plenty of compact compost bins available, making it super easy to dispose of your fruit and vegetable waste. Best of all, these bins are made to keep the smell down, meaning you won't be dealing with a stinky home while you’re enjoying nature.

Use the Campfire

In addition to the compost bin, you may also be able to use the campfire to dispose of some of your household waste. Cardboard, paper, and nearly any fruit and veggie scraps can be throw into the fire, leaving you with less trash to deal with at the end of your adventure.

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Find a Drop-Off Point

When you finally do head into the city, you’re going to need to find places to drop off your garbage and recyclables. Of course, if you’re heading home, this is easy enough. However, those who are not returning to a house will need to get creative.

Personally, I recommend making a campground your next stop. This will allow you to dump and refill tanks and put your garbage in your dumpster. Some campground even have recycle bins for guest use.

If a campground isn’t in the cards, recycling facilities can be found in most cities. Garbage can usually be dumped at a store or gas station during a shopping trip. Just be sure you ask permission first and make a purchase while you’re there.

By using the tips above, you can enjoy your boondocking getaway while still leaving the wilderness clear of garbage and ready for the next adventurers to enjoy.

Do you have a tip of your own? Please share in the comments below!

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