Deck the Halls: Spending the Holidays in Your RV

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Deck the Halls: Spending the Holidays in Your RV

Deck the Halls: Spending the Holidays in Your RV

“Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” however you celebrate, this is likely a special time of the year. Whether you live in your RV fulltime or are merely using it to travel over winter, you want the season to be memorable. One way to ensure that is to add holiday decorations. If you are in a motorhome, however, that can be tricky as there are certain restrictions. For example, you won’t be hanging stockings in front of a fireplace and an 8-foot fir tree just won’t fit your limited space. Here are a few easy and relatively inexpensive ways that we use to decorate our home on wheels for Christmas.

Make Seasonal Changes to Your Normal Decor

Probably the easiest way to decorate the RV is to make minimal changes that reflect the season. These changes are perfect because they don’t have to cost much, they don’t add any clutter, and they make a big impact.

For example, replace your normal dish towels, pot holders, placemats and/or tablecloths with ones featuring cute snowflakes, Christmas bells, or seasonal sayings and sentiments like “Ho Ho Ho” and “Peace on Earth.” Perhaps just switch them with classic red and green plaid or gold colored options for a subtle observance.

Exchange your Welcome mat with a holiday-themed one. You can even use a special Christmas mug for your morning cup of coffee. These little changes make a big difference.

Display Greeting Cards and Photographs

To make decorating easy, use a Christmas card tree or other readymade method to display the greeting cards you receive or create a holiday photo collage of Christmases past. Another option is to simply post them on a corkboard that you hang or place prominently. To take up less space, hang an array in magnet frames on the refrigerator. You obtain the same result while taking up less space.

Invest in Window Clings

These provide a cute look that is really low-maintenance. Usually available in a variety of themes from snowflakes and wreathes to full Santa scenes, they add color and ambience at a minimal cost and little effort. Plus, they take up very little space if you choose to store them for the next year but are inexpensive so you don’t feel obligated to.

Brighten with Candles and Lights

This is one of my favorite ways to add a festive touch while providing illumination and ambience. Hanging LED rope lights outside your RV makes the exterior inviting and a source of inspiration for your neighbors. Arranging string lights inside is a simple way to create mood without clutter. Choose the same ones you would for a Christmas tree for December and you may even consider using orange or yellow for fall.

Candles are likely the least expensive way to make your RV cozier. Available at most big box stores, craft and hobby stores, discount stores, and supermarkets, there are colors and scents to complement whatever atmosphere you want to create. Since they reduce as they are used, they are unlikely to last past the season and therefore won’t require storing.

Incorporate Seasonal Plants

Plants are a great addition to your motorhome no matter the season, and there are varieties for all occasions. A beautiful poinsettia or Christmas cactus will brighten up a winter interior. A holiday wreath makes a great addition to the exterior.

If you don’t want the responsibility of caring for a plant, gift it to a friend or donate it to a nearby hospital or nursing home after the holiday. If you don’t have a green thumb, buy artificial greenery such as holly or mistletoe or fresh flowers if you want a temporary decoration that you don’t have to store.

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Choose a Focal Point

Choose one or two key decorations to spend your efforts on. This is particularly important if you are a bit sentimental or a traditionalist. This is the piece that you will sacrifice counter space or wall space for. This is the one that you will carefully store during the off-season, so it should be something that you love. Whether it’s a family heirloom, your child’s ceramic handprint, or a piece from your travels that celebrates your adventurous lifestyle, it should help epitomize the holidays for you.

For us, it’s our Christmas tree. Every year, we choose the “perfect” tiny fir to adorn our space with its beauty and fragrance. We add a few lights and decorations from the shoe-box sized plastic tote that we store them in. Yes, it can be a bit inconvenient—especially when I’m vacuuming up needles several months later—but for us, it wouldn’t be Christmas without it.

In Conclusion

These are just a few decorating ideas to help you get into the Christmas spirit in your tiny home. Add your favorite Christmas music and some holiday baking and you’re set! Living in your motorhome doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice. With a bit of planning, you can enjoy the season on your terms. So, Merry Holidays and Happy Christmas! ;)

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