Celebrating New Year’s Eve on the Road

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Celebrating New Year’s Eve on the Road

Celebrating New Year’s Eve on the Road

Many people resolve to travel as they wind down their year and prepare for the one to come, but if you’re a full time RVer like me or even a weekend camper, you have likely already fulfilled that resolution! But how do you celebrate if you’re on the road? Here are a few tips.

Be faithful to old traditions.

If you always spend New Year’s Eve watching the ball drop on TV, it’s easy to see how you can make your old tradition fit with your traveling lifestyle. The program is broadcast on a station that does not require a cable connection to pick up, so get your antenna pointed!

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Prefer a night on the town? Be sure to make reservations early for the fancy restaurant you’ve been thinking about. Many faithful restaurant visitors book New Year’s Eve tables as early as a year ahead of time, so don’t delay. For more of a party atmosphere, you will also want to reserve your designated taxi or ridesharing service ahead of time. You could also try to convince your midnight kiss to be the designated driver.

If being with family is all that really matters (and you can’t park your rig somewhere in their yard!), try video chatting in real time or sharing video messages to feel close to the special people in your life as you ring in 2017. When celebrating in different time zones, it is always fun to send greetings from “the future” if you’ve entered the New Year before your loved ones!

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Start a new tradition.

Starting a new year in a new place is more than enough reason to begin a new practice.
Many RV parks and campgrounds hold get-togethers for their patrons around the holidays. Celebrating with people who share your lifestyle is a great way to start the new year on the right foot!

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Check if the state park near you is coordinating a first day hike. These are generally free, guided excursions into state parks and are a great way to see an area, meet new people, and get started on any fitness-related resolutions.

You may be surprised to learn that Times Square does not corner the market on dropping things at midnight. Start a new tradition by finding a drop near you, whether it be bologna (as in Lebanon, Pennsylvania), a giant pinecone (Flagstaff, Arizona), or a Lego brick (at Legoland in Florida).
Make some RV-friendly resolutions.
Once you’ve celebrated in a traditional or brand new style, round off your festivities with an RV-related resolution or two.

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If you’re anything like me, getting rid of the crazy amount of stuff that seems to accumulate in the small space that is our fifth wheel is top of mind in the new year. I hope to downsize on my belongings – and my husband’s! – by selling or donating unneeded items and getting organized.
Learning is a noble goal, and there’s no reason you can’t take a free course while you’re traveling.
How will you be celebrating and what are your resolutions?

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