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Green Living on the Road- Finding Fresh Foods Green Living on the Road- Finding Fresh Foods | Blogs | We Wander Wherever

Author : on 19-Feb-2018 in We Wander Wherever

Traveling often is an amazing way to live. After all, who can resist seeing new things and new people on a regular basis? That said, it does come with its own set of challenges. This is especially true for those who are trying to live a greener and more eco-friendly lifestyle.

For instance, finding fresh, organically grown foods while traveling from place to place can sometimes prove pretty difficult. A stationary person has the luxury of finding a local weekly farmers market or growing their own garden, but a traveling person has to get a bit creative.

Here our favorite solutions to finding fresh foods while we travel.

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Grow Your Own

Most people assume that living and traveling in an RV automatically means growing their own....

4 Super Cute Valentine's Day S'Mores Ideas4 Super Cute Valentine's Day S'Mores Ideas | Blogs | We Wander Wherever

Author : on 14-Feb-2018 in We Wander Wherever

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re anything like me, you’re probably on the lookout for fun ways to make this holiday special.

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We will, of course, be making cards as usual, but I have been looking for something to make the day even more fun and came up with the idea of building Valentine’s Day s’mores. We live in campgrounds after all, and considering campfires are an almost nightly occurrence, special s’mores simply make sense as a fairly easy yet still exciting way to celebrate with those we love.

Wondering how in the world we plan to make these Valentine’s-themed s’mores? Check my top 4 ideas so far.

#1: Start With a Heart

To begin with, get your hands on some heart-shaped graham cracker....

Green Living on the Road: Skipping the Disposables Green Living on the Road: Skipping the Disposables | Blogs | We Wander Wherever

Author : on 13-Feb-2018 in We Wander Wherever

I recently posted about disposing of waste responsibly while living in an RV. I hope that post inspired you to take up some more earth-friendly habits. After all, everyone should be doing everything they can to make our world a better place.

In this installment of the Green Living on the Road series, I will be addressing what it takes to skip the disposable products while traveling. I hope these little tricks help you find a way to cut some of the disposable products out of your life.

Knocking the Paper Plate Habit

Perhaps the easiest and most obvious change you can make is to stop buying disposable dishes. Paper plates and styrofoam bowls are terrible for the environment, and it really isn’t that hard to wash your own dishes.

Tips for washing dishes in an RV:
  • Wash dishes as often as yo....

How to Stay Connected While Fulltime RVingHow to Stay Connected While Fulltime RVing | Blogs | We Wander Wherever

Author : on 08-Feb-2018 in We Wander Wherever

My husband and I recently went out looking at RVs. What we found is that many of the newest rigs are jam packed with so many modern amenities that they’re more comfortable than most houses. However, there is one important thing all RVs are still lacking: an internet connection.

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While I didn't really expect an RV to come connected to the internet, I do dream of the day when this might happen. After all, my family uses the internet on a daily basis, and because it is used for work, RVing without it is out of the question.

When we first began our RV journey, we did a lot of research on this subject. We knew we would need a reliable connection in order to hit the road, and we knew that having our regular internet service follow us around was a no-go, so we we....

The Many Uses of Pie Pans for RVersThe Many Uses of Pie Pans for RVers | Blogs | We Wander Wherever

Author : on 05-Feb-2018 in We Wander Wherever

RV living means living minimally. After all, you can only squeeze so much stuff into such a tiny space. Fortunately, most people don’t need 75% of the stuff they think they need, meaning the minimalist lifestyle is not really all that hard to get the hang of.

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That said, there are those who attempt to live in extremely small spaces such as vans, and this comes along with some pretty hardcore downsizing. At a certain point, the downsizing does become a lot more difficult, and can even require a bit of creativity.

Currently, my family and I are considering downsizing to a van, a truck camper, or a smaller trailer. Therefore, we’ve been researching ways to cut back even further on the amount of stuff we have.

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Road schooling and socializing your childrenRoad schooling and socializing your children | Blogs | We Wander Wherever

Author : on 31-Jan-2018 in We Wander Wherever

Several weeks ago, I posted about making friends while traveling. This is something many full-time travelers struggle with, and the difficulty of making deep connections can leave many travelers feeling discouraged.

That said, those with kids often end up with an even more difficult situation to deal with. After all, the number one concern most people have for homeschooled children is that they won’t be able to socialize. Honestly, this concern is unfounded, and most homeschooled children receive more well-rounded socialization opportunities than their peers. However, those who choose to roadschool their kids will probably have to work much harder for those opportunities.

So how can you make sure your roadschooled child is able to socialize with peers on a regular basis? Try using these ....

Boondocking and Staying Clean Doing itBoondocking and Staying Clean Doing it | Blogs | We Wander Wherever

Author : on 25-Jan-2018 in We Wander Wherever

Boondocking is an amazing way to see some of the most beautiful parts of our country without breaking the bank. It allows adventurers to explore further off the beaten path and gives them a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and reconnect with nature.

Unfortunately, this opportunity to see some of the country’s most gorgeous scenery does come at a price—and no, we aren’t talking about money. After all, boondocking, when done right, is completely free of charge. Instead, we’re talking about the conveniences you give up when choosing dry camping over a campground.

When boondocking, you must be willing to live with less electricity, less cell coverage, and perhaps hardest of all, less water. Of course, limited water means fewer showers, and fewer showers mean you....

Spontaneous VS Planned RV TravelSpontaneous VS Planned RV Travel | Blogs | We Wander Wherever

Author : on 22-Jan-2018 in We Wander Wherever

Obviously, the best thing about owning an RV is the ability to travel. Not only can you travel freely, you can do it on a budget, meaning it’s fairly easy to get up and go whenever you please. However, many RVers prefer not to pack up and go on a whim. These travelers much prefer to plan their adventures in advance.

Of course, there are pros and cons to both spontaneous and planned travel. For this reason, my family finds that we enjoy both types of travel, and we will go back and forth between the two depending on our moods or the destination we have in mind.

Wondering what the pros and cons of each might be? Consider these:


Thinking about your budget and planning what you will spend before leaving on a trip could potentially save you quite a bit of money. The ability to boo....

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5 Tips for Sleeping at Truck Stops5 Tips for Sleeping at Truck Stops | Blogs | We Wander Wherever

Author : on 15-Jan-2018 in We Wander Wherever

One of the most wonderful things about traveling with an RV is the ability to stop and sleep practically anywhere. After all, if you’re bringing your bed along with you wherever you go, you may as well take advantage of that fact.

That said, sometimes it just isn't convenient or financially smart to find a campground to sleep in when you are just going to get up and move again the next day. When my family runs into situations such as these, we almost always find ourselves sleeping in a truck stop, rest stop, or Walmart parking lot.

While these aren’t the most comfortable places to sleep, they do work well for quickly catching some Z’s during a long trip, and by using the tips below, we are able to sleep fairly comfortable with minimal interruptions.

#1: Ask First

First and foremost, it i....

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Solving The Wet Towel IssueSolving The Wet Towel Issue | Blogs | We Wander Wherever

Author : on 10-Jan-2018 in We Wander Wherever

Traveling in an RV for an extended period of time is exciting and special. Unfortunately, it also comes with its own set of problems, many of which people never really anticipate.

For instance, one of the biggest issues my family runs into is finding places to hang wet towels and bathing suits. After all, RV bathrooms are not exactly large, and nobody wants wet things hanging all over their home.

Fortunately, after spending some time in our trailer we’ve been able to find solutions to this problem. Here are a few of the most logical ones we’ve found.

Extra Curtain Rod

When five of my younger siblings took a trip with us for the first time, we had to find a way to hang all eight of our towels to dry. We couldn’t hang them outside due to campground rules, so it had to be indoors. Additionally,....

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