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DIY RV Herb GardenDIY RV Herb Garden | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 09-Mar-2018 in The Road Less Traveled

Following the directions, plant the seeds or small plants. Pay careful attention to the suggested planting depth and conditions for each herb. Some prefer warm conditions, others prefer cool. The amount of sunlight and water each require should be recorded somewhere, at least until it becomes habit.

Nurturing Your Garden

With your herbs in the soil, you still need to provide proper care to ensure they survive and produce. Most herbs need at least six to eight-hours of direct sunlight to grow, thrive, and produce. Placing your containers in a sunny, south-facing window generally provides enough sunlight for most plants. However, you may need to supplement with fluorescent lights during the winter, especially in northern regions.

In addition to adequate sunlight, your herbs need the proper ....

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DIY: Washer/Dryer Cabinet Conversion Made EasyDIY: Washer/Dryer Cabinet Conversion Made Easy | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 06-Mar-2018 in The Road Less Traveled

Having a washer/dryer—whether stackable or an all-in-one unit—in one's RV or travel trailer is merely a wish for some and is an absolute necessity for others. When you're afforded full-time hookups at an RV park that allows their use, they're quite convenient. If you aren't hooked up; however, there's little that will empty your fresh water tank and fill your gray faster than doing a load of laundry, if the machine will run at all. If you plan to boondock regularly, however, you may find they take up quite a bit of space that could be better used for something you're more likely to use.

Most washer/dryer cabinets are located in either the bedroom closet or in the kitchen area. Ours, for example, is in the hallway between the kitchen and bedroom. Although you could fit your space with a ro....

Arizona Destinations You Have to See to AppreciateArizona Destinations You Have to See to Appreciate | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 23-Feb-2018 in The Road Less Traveled

The first time we visited the 48th state, we were on our way to California. We made a quick drive through the Painted Dessert, and then moved on. We were so impressed, however, that we vowed to return. Three years later, we did. We spent nearly two months traveling through Arizona, and it's one of our favorite places to visit.

A road trip through Arizona provides more than the usual amount of beauty, entertainment, and inspiration, as well as some of the most diverse scenery in the country. Along with—of course—the Grand Canyon, there are many natural areas to explore, including the following:

Painted Desert

The Painted Desert covers 93,500 acres in the Navajo Nation, and is one the most beautiful areas of the continental U.S. The terrain's colors range from purple to orange. Although the....

Missouri Destinations You Have to SeeMissouri Destinations You Have to See | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 20-Feb-2018 in The Road Less Traveled

Several of the road trip options—like Route 66 and both coastlines—have become so popular that many consider the experiences cliché. Fortunately, however, the U.S. is immense and there are many other opportunities for fabulous destinations when one hits the open road.

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For some, the state of Missouri brings to mind the Ozark Mountains and the hillbilly version of Las Vegas that is Branson. Although those locations are enjoyable and the Ozarks can be beautiful, the rampant commercialism there leaves something to be desired. For others, it's the two river-front cities on the eastern and western border, St. Louis and Kansas City.

Whether you go with friends and family, as a couple, with your favorite furry companion, or by yourself, there are some parts of....

DIY: Counter Top Extension Made EasyDIY: Counter Top Extension Made Easy | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 15-Feb-2018 in The Road Less Traveled

The RV's kitchen—for some it's merely storage space for their outdoor grilling implements. For others, is simply a convenient way to make a quick meal between activities. For many, it's one of the perks of RV ownership rather than camping in more rustic manners or staying in motels. People who full-time RV, however, count on their kitchens as much as anyone living in a brick or stick residence. For one thing, it allows them to reduce the cost of eating out while traveling. For another, it provides them with the opportunity to control the quality of food and its healthfulness—or lack of—particularly in remote areas with few options.

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Unfortunately—besides in large, newer model RVers or trailers—the size of the kitchen is often ....

DIY: Trailer Roof Sealing Made EasyDIY: Trailer Roof Sealing Made Easy | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 09-Feb-2018 in The Road Less Traveled

Water damage—it's the fear of many owners of campers, RVs, and trailers. Whether it's from a leaking appliance, roof, or water line, the problems it can cause range from irritating to catastrophic. Every morning, an RVer somewhere wakes to find their carpet soaked and some of their possessions ruined by a sudden water leak. What about those leaks that are less noticeable, though? Often, a slow leak can cause just as much—if not more—damage.

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Trailers tend to most frequently leak from the roof. Unfortunately, this isn't always immediately obvious. It can result in rot and mold in your ceiling and even in the insulation of your walls. If left to grow, you may find yourself dealing with harmful black mold. As the saying goes, "An ounce of pr....

Using Blankets to Keep Your RV WarmUsing Blankets to Keep Your RV Warm | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 06-Feb-2018 in The Road Less Traveled

Usually, when you know winter's coming, you have plenty of time to take precautions by beefing up insulation and winterizing the water lines. You could even seal the windows with weather stripping or plastic wrap and install thermal blinds and insulating curtains to keep the cold air out. What do you do, however, when the weather changes with little warning, you run out of propane, or you lose power? Consider stocking up on heavy blankets for emergencies. Not only are they essential for bedtime, but you can use them to keep the cold weather out and the warm air in.

Use Heavy Blankets to Create Emergency Insulation

You can reduce drafts from the outside by hanging blankets in front of the windows and exterior doors. Then place a few in the doorways between rooms to create cozy spaces to hol....

Get Rid of Those Old JuicersGet Rid of Those Old Juicers | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 01-Feb-2018 in The Road Less Traveled

Many of the most popular New Year's resolutions to make—and break—are those having to do with increasing energy, losing weight, or the overall improvement of one's health. Even if you don't subscribe to New Year's resolutions, it's possible that with winter comfort foods and holiday over indulgences, you would benefit from including healthy, fresh-squeezed juice in your daily habits.

An increase in the intake of the vitamins found in fruit and vegetables can reverse damage done to the body from caloric, fatty holiday food, as well as sugary beverages or alcohol. Plus, not only do juices introduce a large quantity of nutrients into your system very quickly, they also make great, low-calorie meal-replacements while reducing the risk of colds or flu. The following juicers are some of the mos....

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Juicing Recipes While On The RoadJuicing Recipes While On The Road | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 26-Jan-2018 in The Road Less Traveled

Some of the most popular New Year's resolutions include those dealing with losing weight, increasing energy, or improving overall health. Plus, many people tend to overindulge over the holidays, and including fresh juice in daily habits can reverse any damage done to the body from caloric, fatty holiday food and sugary beverages or alcohol. Not only do fresh juices quickly introduce a large quantity of a variety of vitamins and nutrients into your system, they boost energy and mood while reducing your risks of catching winter colds or flus. The following recipes are delicious, rich in healthy ingredients, and are easy to make in the limited space of your RV. Make sure to thoroughly wash all produce before juicing.

Beet Juice

Beetroot is great for boosting immunity to fight winter colds and....

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Park Your RV Here When Visiting the Grand CanyonPark Your RV Here When Visiting the Grand Canyon | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 23-Jan-2018 in The Road Less Traveled

One of the most popular vacation destinations in the U.S. is the Grand Canyon—easily the most recognizable landmark in Arizona, and possibly in the whole U.S. It covers 277 linear miles and is considered a natural "wonder of the world". As one of the largest attractions in the U.S., this incredible landscape includes the Grand Canyon Skywalk, Havasu Falls, Point Imperial, multiple waterfalls, and opportunities to river raft on the Colorado River.

Many people who visit wish for an immersive experience at the Canyon. One of our friends, for example, hiked down to the valley and back up the other side in 2016. For most, however, staying a few nights in one of the local campgrounds is a better fit. Fortunately, there are several options—with a range of amenities—from which to choose.

Grand Can....

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