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Lower Gas Prices Equals More Fun in Your RVLower Gas Prices Equals More Fun in Your RV | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 28-Jun-2017 in The Road Less Traveled

At long last, the fuel prices over the last several years have finally dipped after reaching an astronomical high point. With these recent decreases, more RVers will be spending time on the road rather than storing their homes on wheels to avoid the previously inflated travel costs. As of July 7, 2017, AAA reported a national average gasoline price of $2.36 and diesel prices of $2.56 per gallon. We know fuel prices tend to fluctuate making this trend difficult to predict, therefore, it's a good idea to take advantage of the opportunity to travel while the low prices last. This is a great time to explore winter weather destinations.

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Hit the Road Jack!
Some snowbirds migrate south for the winter and others park their home-away-from....

Know Before You Tow – Dinghy InstallationKnow Before You Tow – Dinghy Installation | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 26-Jun-2017 in The Road Less Traveled

The last thing you want to do when traveling is use your RV as your primary vehicle. Therefore, it's a good idea to have a tow car (lovingly referred to as a toad or dinghy) in case you want to leave the campground during your stay. So, how does this work?

If your vehicle was manufactured after 2000, the vehicle owner's manual should specify the ways it can safely be towed. Make sure to operate within those guidelines. If you exceed the manufacturer's designated tow rating, you may inadvertently void any warranties. Next, research the states through which you'll be traveling, as the rules vary.

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       Last, when towing your toad, you basically have three options, a trailer, a tow dolly, or a tow bar. E....

What to Check Before Leaving an RV Campsite What to Check Before Leaving an RV Campsite | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 22-Jun-2017 in The Road Less Traveled

Whether it's due to a strictly enforced checkout time or the excitement of getting back on the road, many people feel rushed when breaking camp. Unfortunately, that can result in mistakes being made, things going undone, or possessions being left behind. To ensure this doesn't happen, it's a good idea to make a list that includes the following steps, delegate responsibilities, and develop a routine.
Ready the Exterior
The first thing you want to do is put everything outside the RV away. This includes any patio furniture or camping chairs, lamps or rope lights, outdoor plants, and welcome mats. Put away your TV antennae, satellite dish, or unhook the cable television cord.
Unhook Everything: Dump the contents of the black and gray holding tanks, disconnect and rinse ou....

RV Recipes: Grilling on the GoRV Recipes: Grilling on the Go | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 16-Jun-2017 in The Road Less Traveled

One of the fastest ways to heat up a RV kitchen in summer is to cook inside. Fortunately, as an RVer, you know there are plenty of other options. Here are seven easy, hearty, and healthy, entrees to add to your outdoor cooking repertoire. You may enjoy them so much they become a permanent addition to your regular rotation.

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Acorn Squash
A healthy option, this can be used as a side instead of traditional corn on the cob, or even as a meatless main.
Cut the acorn squash in half lengthwise and remove the seeds. Place the squash halves face down on a separate sheet of heavy duty aluminum foil. Wrap them tightly and fold the ends to seal them.
Place both on coals or on top of a medium hot grill. Coo....

GMC RV: Real Reasons to RestoreGMC RV: Real Reasons to Restore | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 24-May-2017 in The Road Less Traveled

The freedom of the open road—lots of people long for the exploration that comes with having an RV. For many, however, owning one seems out of reach. The cost of a new motorhome varies widely based on the brand, the size, and the number of amenities, running from $24-thousand to as much as $1-million. You can drastically lower that estimate by opening your search to include used models of reputable brands.

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Consider, for example, the GMC RV. Between 1973 and 1978, GMC produced sleek and stylish motorhomes that were comfortable and easy to drive. Before that, if you wanted a home on wheels, you either got a travel trailer or something akin to a bus. General Motors changed that, which is one reason that their rigs are some of the most popular ....

RV Bias: Too Big, Too Small, Too Old, Too TallRV Bias: Too Big, Too Small, Too Old, Too Tall | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 16-May-2017 in The Road Less Traveled

“We don’t like your kind!”—or that’s what often seems to be implied. It seems like people either love our motorhome or they hate it. The first experience we had with the public after buying our 43-foot coach occurred when we stopped to eat at a Perkins in Minnesota. While we were there, the place enjoyed a surge in business as patrons flooded in to see what celebrity was eating there. (This is what the manager told us.) Unfortunately, many of the other experiences have been less pleasant. Apparently, even those in the RV community seem to sometimes look down on others who prefer a different type of rig than theirs.

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Campground Size Restrictions

It’s common knowledge that many campgrounds—especially older ones....

Airstream Trailer: Sleek, Sturdy, and SilverAirstream Trailer: Sleek, Sturdy, and Silver | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 09-May-2017 in The Road Less Traveled

Airstream—sometimes referred to as “aluminum bubbles,” “silver bullets,” “tin cans,” or even “those big silver pills on the road.” Whatever nickname is used to describe them, there is little doubt that most people recognize the iconic travel trailers immediately. Although primarily known for their easily identifiable style, they are highly regarded for their durability, making them one of the most popular options for a hefty restoration project. Since they were (and still are) built to last, it isn’t unusual to see a pristine 20-plus year old Airstream driving down the road or in one of the many Airstream-only campgrounds. In fact, Airstream.com claims that over 60% of all those produced are still in use.

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Long and Diverse History


5 Reasons to Join RV Facebook Groups5 Reasons to Join RV Facebook Groups | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 04-May-2017 in The Road Less Traveled

Facebook—social media Mecca that it is—enables billions of individuals to connect with like-minded people while sharing interests and opportunities in one central location. Fortunately, as Facebook’s membership grows, so too does the quantity and quality of its groups. If you can imagine it, there is likely a group focused on it. Plus, if there isn’t, you can always start one. Here are five of the main reasons why I believe they are helpful for travelers.

Social Network of Like-Minded People

Many RVers find great benefit in membership to one or more RV clubs. Along with potential discounts on campground fees and camping supplies, some clubs organize caravans and other meet-ups. A lot of this information can be found on their Facebook pages. Some of the groups with the largest member base ....

Composting Toilets: Ecologically and Economically Friendly OptionsComposting Toilets: Ecologically and Economically Friendly Options | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 02-May-2017 in The Road Less Traveled

Perhaps the perfect invention, the composting toilet might be the fulltime RVer’s new best friend. Who is it good for? Well, like most composting options, it is loved by environmentalists. It is prized by those who grow their own food on the road. Plus, it’s a lifesaver for the boondocker who is concerned about having enough water. A dry composting toilet is completely natural, organic, and (obviously) uses no water. That means there is no plumbing and no chemicals required. So, how does it work?

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The versatile composting RV toilet can be used nearly anywhere since it doesn’t require a septic system and works like a small ecosystem. Basically, it separates solid waste from the liquid and turns it into something useful. All liquid—even f....

RV Parking- You Can’t Park Your RV There!RV Parking- You Can’t Park Your RV There! | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 26-Apr-2017 in The Road Less Traveled

Occasionally, we feel as though there is a concerted effort to make it difficult for adventurers, such as ourselves, to find places to park our RV. It seems that aside from actual campgrounds, the number of locations that allow overnight parking is gradually decreasing. Historically, we could easily find a free place to rest overnight at a Wal-Mart parking lot, a truck-stop, or a rest stop. Signs dictating “No Overnight Parking” are becoming more prevalent.

Additionally, even though I was aware that some cities had ordinances that prohibit parking motorhomes in residential areas, I had never personally experienced this. I believed that with the proper research and permits problems could easily be avoided. I was wrong.

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