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RV Fitness: Exercising in Cooler WeatherRV Fitness: Exercising in Cooler Weather | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 19-Oct-2017 in The Road Less Traveled

Some people live for the crisp, cold days of winter. They love skiing, skating, sledding, and playing in the snow. Others, however, prefer the warmer weather of the rest of the months. Unfortunately, taking a winter hiatus from working out takes a toll on your fitness, health, and weight. You don't have to skip exercising; however, it just takes a bit of creativity and planning. Take advantage of the warmer days, and have a few back-up moves in mind for when taking your workout outside just doesn't make sense. If it's one thing RVers have in common, we're resilient and adaptable.

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Assess the Situation

Sunny, crisp days and even overcast, moderate ones provide ample opportunities for outdoor activities. For example, many campgrounds offer RVer....

Tiny Homes vs. Motorhomes: More Bang for Your BuckTiny Homes vs. Motorhomes: More Bang for Your Buck | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 16-Oct-2017 in The Road Less Traveled

For some, the allure of fulltime living in a smaller space, makes the transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau's "Walden Pond" existence a reality. Residing in a tiny house encourages more outdoor activities and often allows them to spend more time and money for living large in other ways.

Previously, the options were limited to motorhomes, campers, and small apartments. In modern times, though, there're more varied choices. A tiny house provides a more traditional-feeling residence, where living in an RV may begin to feel like a really long camping trip over time. Tiny homes are also custom-designed to owner specifications and often have better insulation. RVs, on the other hand, typically travel better, since that's what they were made to do. Ultimately, the choice depends on what your per....

Tiny Homes: Big AdventuresTiny Homes: Big Adventures | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 05-Oct-2017 in The Road Less Traveled

The American Dream—for many this includes a couple of kids and a pet or two wrapped up in a home of their own, possibly surrounded by a white picket fence. Unfortunately, since the housing bubble burst driving the financial crisis in 2008, people have been more apprehensive about investing in real estate. This has been an influencing factor that resulted in a growing number of people embracing the tiny house movement.

Generally seen as more economically and ecologically friendly, a small dwelling has most of the benefits of regular home-ownership without a few of the drawbacks. There are many tiny home manufacturers, plus—with a minimal investment, carpentry or handyman skills, and a can-do attitude—you can even build your own.

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Tiny Homes Cost ....

Selecting the Right RV GarageSelecting the Right RV Garage | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 02-Oct-2017 in The Road Less Traveled

Unless you're a full-time RVer, there's a good chance that you'll be storing your pride and joy at least part of the year. Although there's a chance your neighbors wouldn't mind you leaving it parked under a fabric cover in the driveway, and there are definitely an assortment of commercially operated storage facilities that house motorhomes, perhaps you want to keep it in a covered structure on your own property. That's where RV storage garages come in.

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What Is the Benefit?

Although it is quite a bit of an investment, an RV garage—often also referred to as an RV carport—is an important out-building. It protects your RV from the elements, such as hail or snow, and UV damage from direct sunlight when your RV isn't in use. Leaving your RV ex....

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Your RV Kitchen: Top Tips to Bake in Your OvenYour RV Kitchen: Top Tips to Bake in Your Oven | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 27-Sep-2017 in The Road Less Traveled

For many people, being able to cook in an actual kitchen while on the road is one of the many perks of RV ownership. Not only does it allow you to control the health and quality of your food, it reduces expenses. Plus, you get to embrace your inner campsite chef. Most people have their favorite methods from roasting on an open flame to grilling or even crock-potting. How many, however, claim to love their oven?

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For one thing, it's suspiciously small. It's propane and it isn't always immediately evident how to light it, which makes it a bit scary. In fact, some people use theirs for purposes other than baking or remove them altogether. There's no reason to avoid the RV oven. If you baked when you were at y....

Keep Your Water Safe in Your RV: Tank SafetyKeep Your Water Safe in Your RV: Tank Safety | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 22-Sep-2017 in The Road Less Traveled

Making sure you have pure, good-quality water coming out of your RV's faucet can seem like a full-time job. While traveling, you probably fill your fresh-water tank whenever you reach a convenient source. Though lots of RV parks offer municipal water, many others provide water from reservoirs or wells located on the premises. Plus, if you only fire up the RV for intermittent weekend trips or vacations, there's no telling what may be incubating in the tanks whether you drained them or not. In addition to installing reliable filters to purify your drinking water, or even the entire water system, it's a good idea to periodically sanitize your fresh water tank and take other preventative measures to avoid contamination.

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Keep Your Water Safe and Tasty in Your RV: FiltersKeep Your Water Safe and Tasty in Your RV: Filters | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 19-Sep-2017 in The Road Less Traveled

Sometimes referred to as "Montezuma's Revenge," people often joke about the cleanliness of the drinking water in third-world countries, but intestinal distress from a contaminated source is no laughing matter. Fortunately, most of us live in areas that provide plenty of access to clean H2O, but just how “fresh” is the water in your RV's fresh water tank?

When you're traveling, you're likely to obtain your water from multiple sources, which makes it difficult to know precisely how pure the water that comes out of your RV's faucets really is. Although many campgrounds provide municipal water, others get their supply from wells or other natural sources. Plus, if you RV part-time, you may be incubating a whole colony of bacteria in your tank as the water stagnates between uses. Therefore, in ....

Tight Squeeze: Top Ways to Bypass Low OverpassesTight Squeeze: Top Ways to Bypass Low Overpasses | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 14-Sep-2017 in The Road Less Traveled

Can you make it? Just how big IS your RV anyway? No matter how long we've been traveling, it still unnerves us when we approach a lower than usual overpass. The first time we encountered one, we sat in front of it for about five minutes trying to decide whether we could make it without shearing off one of our air-conditioner units. It was the only route that we knew of to get where we were going, so eventually we slowly rolled through. By the second time we came upon a low bridge, we were completely educated about the height of our coach and we knew there was no way we could make it. Fortunately, there was a cross street that we could easily back to (and no other traffic in sight), and we were able to find another way around. Low overpasses are just one type of nuisance among many that onl....

Selecting the Right RV Storage FacilitySelecting the Right RV Storage Facility | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 04-Sep-2017 in The Road Less Traveled

Even full-time RVers may need or want to store their home on wheels occasionally, and for most it's a necessity for at least part of the year. Placing it in a driveway with a fabric RV cover is one option. Parking it under a carport or in a large garage on your own property or that of a friend is another. If you don't want the hassle of inconveniencing your friends and neighbors (and potentially the community, depending on the city), renting a commercial RV storage facility, may be the best option.

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What Is the Benefit?

Leaving your RV exposed to hail, snow, and ultra violet rays may contribute to problems with the fiberglass, paint, roof, or window seals over time. RV storage protects your RV not only from damage of direct sunlight ....

Satellite TV in Your RVSatellite TV in Your RV | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 29-Aug-2017 in The Road Less Traveled

For some RVers, the whole purpose is to get away from everything, travel to remote locations, and "rough it." For others, the RVing adventure may include those things, but at the end of the day they enjoy taking a warm shower and curling up in front of their favorite television show or movie. For them, the motorhome is an actual home-away-from-home or even their fulltime apartment on wheels, and having all the creature comforts adds to the experience.
In order to enjoy TV in your rig or trailer, you need to either be camping at an RV park that provides access to cable television, or you need satellite TV. This allows you to not only watch your favorite programs, but to also remain informed about the weather and news. With so many options in brands, setups, and size of investment, how do y....

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