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Natural Cleaning Products for the RVNatural Cleaning Products for the RV | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 24-Feb-2017 in The Road Less Traveled

By nature, RVs require more cleaning than more traditional living spaces. This is due in part to the additional dust that accumulates from just driving down the road and staying in campgrounds and parks. One of the challenges to keeping your space tidy, inside and out, is that most are made of lightweight, chemical-sensitive materials that can easily be damaged by many manufactured household products. Additionally, finding places to stow all of the cleaners within your limited storage space becomes more difficult when you use different products for all of the various surfaces and tasks. This is why it’s a good idea to choose products that function in several roles or come in small sizes.

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Here are a few of the most popular, chemical-free cleaning pr....

Spring Cleaning for Your RVSpring Cleaning for Your RV | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 22-Feb-2017 in The Road Less Traveled

It’s never too early for spring cleaning! Airing out your rig, and cleaning it inside and out is an important part of being a responsible RVer. This removes the dust from traveling, as well as the stale air that accumulates during inclement weather. It helps maintain the structural integrity of your motorhome.

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Also, if you tend to experience seasonal depression for RVers, it is a great way to introduce some productive activity into your day. Whether you’re in a warm environment or are just enjoying an unseasonably warm day, now is the perfect time to get started.

Clean the Exterior

The easiest way to begin this is to take your RV to a truck and RV washing station. This isn’t absolutely necessary, but it does make it much more convenien....

Six Reasons to Visit Yosemite This WinterSix Reasons to Visit Yosemite This Winter | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 20-Feb-2017 in The Road Less Traveled

There are many locations throughout the continental U.S. that are perfect for a wintertime visit. Many RVers travel south and spend the months in the warm, dry air of Mesa, Arizona, the gulf-breezes of Corpus Christi, Texas, and of course, in sunny Florida. With several campgrounds available in the park, hardy adventurers who enjoy the cold, journey to Yosemite National Park. Here, in no particular order, are six reasons to put visiting this destination on your bucket-list.

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1. The History

Yosemite was heavily promoted by nineteenth century painters Albert Bierstadt and Thomas Moran, as well as explorer John Muir before it was deemed a national park in 1890. In 1903, Yosemite Valley and Mariposa Grove were also placed under federa....

Navigating Health Insurance and Wellness on the RoadNavigating Health Insurance and Wellness on the Road | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 14-Feb-2017 in The Road Less Traveled

Nobody likes getting sick or injured. It’s uncomfortable, inconvenient, and potentially costly. This is even more the case when you are a full-time traveler without a permanent residence or at least miles away from it. How do you seek medical assistance for something short of an emergency? How do you handle the associated expenses? Will your insurance cover them? Do you have insurance? If so, how much do you know about your coverage. It’s better to have a full understanding of your policy and make sure you have what you need before you actually need it.

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Health Insurance

First, if you already have health insurance, you need to ensure your plan covers full-time RVers, as some plans do not. Second, ascertain....

Valentine’s Day on the Road-Ideas for RVersValentine’s Day on the Road-Ideas for RVers | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 10-Feb-2017 in The Road Less Traveled

February 14—the middle of the shortest and (in many areas) bleakest month. What a great time to celebrate love and romance! For RVers who have a semi-permanent winter location, this is about midway through their stay. This means that they know the area pretty well and making plans is no more difficult than it would be for anyone. Those who travel throughout the year, however, might find themselves in an unknown area. Fortunately, there are many activities for couples and singles that don’t require familiarity with one’s surroundings.

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Going Out as a Couple

One of my absolute favorite resources on the road is YELP. It is not entirely flawless, but when you’re in a new area, it is better than nothing for providing in....

How to Choose the Right RV Chassis for Your NeedsHow to Choose the Right RV Chassis for Your Needs | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 08-Feb-2017 in The Road Less Traveled

The chassis—the foundation of your RV—what should you look for when contemplating your future purchases? There is a lot to consider in this decision. Many RVers go through multiple rigs in their lifetime, as their needs evolve and technology develops. So, whether you are a first time buyer or a seasoned pro, understanding what chassis are available can help you ultimately decide what motorhome is the best fit for you.

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Chassis for Gasoline Engines

Generally speaking, gas rigs are less expensive. They cost less when you buy them and the overall maintenance costs are lower. Unfortunately, they usually have poor gas mileage and don’t last as long as diesel options. In fact, gasoline RV engines are considered past their prime when they have as few as 70,000 mil....

RV Women: Comradery on the RoadRV Women: Comradery on the Road | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 01-Feb-2017 in The Road Less Traveled

Women can do anything! That is why there is a growing number of females taking to the open road in their motorhomes or with their travel trailers in tow, some with their significant others and many on solo adventures. Fortunately, there are several clubs and organizations that cater directly to them. For little to no cost, the following three options provide plenty of events, get-togethers, and information.

RVing Women

“Engage, Explore, Empower”—RVing Women (RVW) was established as a way for women to share camping and RV info, education, and support to members within the U.S., as well as parts of Canada and Mexico. This organization hosts a yearly convention for chapter recognition, rallies, and organized tours. It also schedules regular seminars focused on personal safety, driving s....

RV Travel: Helping Your Pets Acclimate to a New ClimateRV Travel: Helping Your Pets Acclimate to a New Climate | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 19-Jan-2017 in The Road Less Traveled

Like many RVers, we have an interspecies household. RVing with pets is wonderful! In fact, our two dogs and two cats have become master travelers. Although we love them all dearly—and they seem to enjoy exploring new areas—when it comes time to relocate, they really don’t get a vote. Of course we always try to keep them comfortable and happy, but when we move from one extreme climate to another, they don’t understand and it can be a bit of shock to their systems.

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Pets aren’t entirely able to convey how they’re feeling, so you should attempt to keep your pets with you, as much as possible. This way, you can regulate the temperature and monitor their conditions to make sure they aren’t too hot or too cold. As you travel ....

The Best Ways to Avoid the Winter Blues in an RVThe Best Ways to Avoid the Winter Blues in an RV | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 10-Jan-2017 in The Road Less Traveled

Bored, grumpy, tired, and unmotivated—that’s how many feel during the short days of winter. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), is a yearly issue for some where others experience it only once or twice in their lifetimes. Either way, it can be very disruptive.

Although perhaps the best way to avoid seasonal depression is to travel—or reside—in a warmer, sunnier climate, this isn’t always an option for everyone. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a few tricks to help you survive the darker, shorter days. Here are a few methods that have been shown to help, however, this is not intended as medical advice for severe or extended periods of depression.

Go Outside and Get Some Sunlight

Research has shown that getting fresh air and sunshine improves resilience to colds and flu, as well as boo....

Finding Fitness in the New YearFinding Fitness in the New Year | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 05-Jan-2017 in The Road Less Traveled

Christmas—a time of egg nog, alcohol, cookies and treats—sitting and visiting, traveling and ham and well, you get the point. People tend to put on a couple of pounds of winter “insulation”. Unfortunately, there is the accountability of New Year. This is a time when people look at where they are and where they’d prefer to be. One of the number one New Year’s resolutions regards losing weight and/or improving one’s fitness; however, how do you get started?

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Find a Plan that Works for You

Although I personally don’t adhere to a packaged diet regimen or gym membership, I do believe that putting a few dollars in as an investment helps jump-start your success. It provides an easy-to-follow process with predetermined steps and specific guidelines an....