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RV Parking- You Can’t Park Your RV There!RV Parking- You Can’t Park Your RV There! | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 26-Apr-2017 in The Road Less Traveled

Occasionally, we feel as though there is a concerted effort to make it difficult for adventurers, such as ourselves, to find places to park our RV. It seems that aside from actual campgrounds, the number of locations that allow overnight parking is gradually decreasing. Historically, we could easily find a free place to rest overnight at a Wal-Mart parking lot, a truck-stop, or a rest stop. Signs dictating “No Overnight Parking” are becoming more prevalent.

Additionally, even though I was aware that some cities had ordinances that prohibit parking motorhomes in residential areas, I had never personally experienced this. I believed that with the proper research and permits problems could easily be avoided. I was wrong.

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5 Easy DIY Updates for Your RV Kitchen5 Easy DIY Updates for Your RV Kitchen | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 24-Apr-2017 in The Road Less Traveled

Who said, “What you see is what you get.”? We bought our previously owned 2007 RV in 2013, and even though we love it, there are some things—mostly cosmetic—we would like to change. For example, we wanted stainless steel appliances; ours are black. We would prefer a single-basin farmhouse-style kitchen sink that doesn’t hold stains like our porcelain one does. Replacing the appliances and even the sink is a pretty big investment, but there are several easy ways to create a dramatic impact on the look and functionality of the kitchen.

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Put in a New Backsplash

Adding a backsplash—or replacing an existing one—goes a long way in modernizing your interior. Begin by shutting off the power to that area. Remove the switch-plates and covers, and....

Top Tips for Working on the RoadTop Tips for Working on the Road | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 19-Apr-2017 in The Road Less Traveled

Back it up! No, I’m not talking about the RV. With the high speeds of modern Internet, many companies are allowing—and even encouraging—their employees to telecommute or work remotely. This is perfect for full-time RVers who often relocate throughout the year.

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However, with a new work environment comes new obstacles. For example, a reliable Internet signal is never a complete guarantee; without which, working is nearly impossible. Plus, how do you ensure the safety of your work? It’s very frustrating to complete an assignment just to discover that you’ve lost it all. There are several methods to secure your projects.

Install Good Virus Protection

Although many campgrounds advertise that the offer free Internet, any RVer can attest that ....

RV Living: Necessary Tools and How to Store ThemRV Living: Necessary Tools and How to Store Them | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 17-Apr-2017 in The Road Less Traveled

The adage states that a man is only as good as his tools. Although I’m more likely to make do with whatever is at hand, there are some jobs that require specific equipment to adequately handle them. Plus, it seems like any time we’ve found ourselves on the side of the road with vehicular problems, the tool we need is the one we don’t have. That’s why it is essential to keep and carry a complete set of basic and RV specific tools when you travel.

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Basic Tools

Every RV, travel trailer, fifth wheel, and camper should have a decent tool set for quick (hopefully) repair on the go. Make sure that it’s comprehensive enough to get most jobs done, but not so all-inclusive as to be unwieldy and add unnecessary weight to your rig.

It should have....

Top Tips New RVers Share with Experienced TravelersTop Tips New RVers Share with Experienced Travelers | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 13-Apr-2017 in The Road Less Traveled

Everyone knows there are many things that an experienced RVer can share with an amateur. Few, however, consider what a master camper can learn from a newbie. Making the decision to be a regular traveler probably seemed like a good idea when you started. When expenses pile up and things become inconvenient, it’s a little hard to remember why this was a good idea. New RVers, on the other hand, know exactly why they want this lifestyle. They have excitement and joie de vivre that a more seasoned traveler may have misplaced. Here are some of the top tips to regaining your bliss.

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Keep It New

Anything new is usually faced with excitement (or apprehension). On the other hand, for those who’ve lived or traveled in their RV for a while....

9 Cool, New Camping Accessories 9 Cool, New Camping Accessories | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 11-Apr-2017 in The Road Less Traveled

Full-time, part-time, or intermittent RVing can be quite an adventure, but sometimes you want to take your camping to the next level. Whether you plan a dry-camping trip in the desert, backpacking excursion into the mountains, or merely a couple of nights sleeping under the stars, having the right gear can make all the difference. Check out the following gadgets. Some are so innovative you may even want to incorporate them into your day to day use.

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The Camping Cookware Mess Kit

This 10-piece set of cookware by MalloMe includes a non-stick pot, pan, and lid, two bowls, a spoon, spork, spatula, and a loofah for cleaning, all in a handy travel bag. It’s made from non-toxic anodized aluminum and has heat-resistant handles. This fu....

Top Tips Experienced RVers Share with NewbiesTop Tips Experienced RVers Share with Newbies | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 10-Apr-2017 in The Road Less Traveled

Why make your own mistakes if you can learn from the errors of others? If you’re new to RVing, you may be a little overwhelmed by the abundance of information available online, as well as the seemingly massive lifestyle change you’ll be undertaking. Although it is exciting, it can also be a bit intimidating. An experienced RVer who has lived through many of the trials and triumphs of a life on the road is a valuable source of information and inspiration. The following tidbits can help make your first—or next—journey a successful one.

First, Get to Know Your RV

The first thing any experienced RVer would express is the importance of getting to know your RV. Even if you’ve driven one in the past, you aren’t familiar with how this one handles. Read the manual. Search for specific limitatio....

Dealing with Rainy Days in an RVDealing with Rainy Days in an RV | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 07-Apr-2017 in The Road Less Traveled

Rain, Rain, Go Away! How to Stay Sane in Your RV

Spring—depending on where you’re located, this season may be filled with long cloudy days with rain and wind added in for fun. Whether you live in your RV or are merely using it for your vacation, a week of drizzle is enough to put a crimp in almost anyone’s style. Once the novelty’s worn off, how do you make it to the next sunny day with your faculties intact? It has been my experience that the best way to weather the storm is by embracing it and doing things that you avoid, put off, or just don’t consider doing during dryer periods.

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Binge-Watch a New Show

Probably the least productive activity on this list, watching hours of the latest TV show or movies on Netflix or Hulu is a....

Reducing Expenses as a Fulltime RVerReducing Expenses as a Fulltime RVer | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 04-Apr-2017 in The Road Less Traveled

As with most other lifestyles, living in an RV fulltime can be pricey. Fortunately, just as with other lifestyles, there are many ways to spend less. Always in an effort to be frugal, we have done a lot of experimenting along the way. These are just a couple of tips you can use to save money on campgrounds, food, and fuel, to mention a few.

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Spend Less on Accommodations

First, when you’re traveling, try to drive straight to your destination. The fewer stops, the less you’ll spend on campgrounds and snacks. If there is more than one driver in the rig, you can take turns at the wheel while the other naps.

Second, if you do stop, consider boondocking as an inexpensive option. Apps like AllStays show nearby parking lots that allow overni....

9 RV Water Conservation Tips9 RV Water Conservation Tips | Blogs | The Road Less Traveled

Author : on 03-Apr-2017 in The Road Less Traveled

Little can ruin a remote camping trip faster than running out of water. When you’re boodocking, you only have the water you bring with you. This includes any jugs you bring, as well as the supply in your fresh water tank. Before your next major excursion, consider the following tips. They may mean the difference between comfortable camping and a trip cut short.

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1. Dry Scrub or Rinse Produce in a Bowl

Rather than scrubbing your veggies under running water, use a brush or scrubby pad to clean off your produce while it’s dry. Then quickly rinse them.

Another option is to run an inch or two of water in a bowl, add 1-cup of white vinegar, and soak them before scrubbing. Rinse them in another inch or two of clean water. Both methods use l....

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