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Finding Stability in a Nomadic Lifestyle – Part 2Finding Stability in a Nomadic Lifestyle – Part 2 | Blogs | RV Tips & Education

Author : on 23-Feb-2017 in RV Tips & Education

This is the second part of my post on finding stability when you live on the road. There are actually a lot of little things you can do like putting money into savings each month or setting goals. Many times, it depends on the person. What one person may find grounding another may see no value in it at all. You have to find your balance, your methods of keeping your feet on the ground.

Plant a garden.
Container gardens are pretty hot right now and they are great for the RVer because you can just pick up your garden and take it with you. Of course, you need to keep it small, a few potted veggies or herbs should do the trick, but if you have the ability to transport them without much drama, then go for it. That way you can enjoy the grounding activity of tending your garden wherever you are.

Finding Stability in a Nomadic Lifestyle – Part 1Finding Stability in a Nomadic Lifestyle – Part 1 | Blogs | RV Tips & Education

Author : on 21-Feb-2017 in RV Tips & Education

When my husband and I first decided to get a travel trailer the first thing (and I do mean the FIRST thing) that people said was, “Oh, that will make you look so unstable.” In a world that values a societal ideal of stability (which is often an illusion) we were going against the grain.
And the folks were freaking out.

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If your living space is mobile, if you travel often (in an RV or otherwise), or if you simply move a lot, stability can be an issue. While you don’t necessarily have to have a fixed address or even a traditional job to be stable, there are some things you should do to stay grounded. It can be a tightwire act too, especially in the beginning when you are still trying to get your feet under you. It’s very easy for life stu....

RV Friendly Crafts You can do this WeekendRV Friendly Crafts You can do this Weekend | Blogs | RV Tips & Education

Author : on 17-Feb-2017 in RV Tips & Education

RVs and crafts just seem to go together. Just about every RVer I know enjoys some type of craft. Even I am a crafty sort now and then. I enjoy doing unusual things with beads (I make some pretty awesome beaded spiders) and dabble in a few other things. Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time to pursue my craft projects, my writing had kept me busy with both work and personal projects (I just finished my latest book and am working on another).

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However, I do plan to enjoy some downtime at some point and plan to fully utilize it to complete some existing projects and start a few new ones. Naturally I scoured Pinterest for ideas and how-to articles, picking out some that looked fairly doable. I have giggled over my fair share of Pinte....

Preventing Mold in your RV Preventing Mold in your RV | Blogs | RV Tips & Education

Author : on 15-Feb-2017 in RV Tips & Education

Mold is a common problem in RVs. Take a cruise through some RV forums and you’ll find befuddled RVers seeking answers to mold, mildew, and dampness issues. Make no mistake, it can be a real problem. Mold can exacerbate certain respiratory issues and cause others. You don’t want to play with it.

I’ve shared in the past my own story with a moldy RV. I still have issues from breathing those spores for so long – so does my little dog.

So, in order to hopefully spare you some moldy angst, I’ve assembled a few mold busting tips taken from mold experts, boat owners, and, yes, good ole RVers.

Run a Dehumidifier (if you have electricity)
Running a small electric dehumidifier can cut down on the moisture and keep your RV dry and mold free. Amazon has a number of dehumidifiers for RVs in varying price....

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Road Work: Avoiding Homebased Work BurnoutRoad Work: Avoiding Homebased Work Burnout | Blogs | RV Tips & Education

Author : on 09-Feb-2017 in RV Tips & Education

I love working from home. As a fully committed introvert, this work arrangement suits me just fine. However, even I, a person just shy of full out hermit status, get burned out from time to time. I am a freelance writer which means as long as I have internet I’m in business. It also means lots of deadlines, some of them pretty crazy as well as delving into a project and getting so wrapped up in it I just lose myself. It’s great to be able to work wherever you are, but it is important to maintain a good work life balance to avoid homebased work burnout.

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There are many different reasons that a person may burn out at work. Work at home burnout can be a little different but actually not all that much. Just like a regular job, factors lik....

Building Your Own RV Deck Building Your Own RV Deck | Blogs | RV Tips & Education

Author : on 07-Feb-2017 in RV Tips & Education

My latest obsession has been RV decks. We don’t have one but are seriously considering it, not just for cosmetic and convenience purposes, but practical reasons as well like keeping from tracking so much of the outside indoors. Also, there are several large trees on our campsite where we full time and some of the roots have surfaced making it a rather uneven surface for walking about under our awning. Several of our neighbors have the same issue and constructed decks for their RVs.

When you ride through the campground you’ll see some RVs with fancy decks (like my neighbor’s) with steps and a railing. You will also see some that aren’t so fancy; the owner just threw down a couple of shipping pallets and called it good. We are in Charleston, South Carolina and this area is very aptly c....

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10 Tips for Cooking in Your RV Oven (without burning everything)10 Tips for Cooking in Your RV Oven (without burning everything) | Blogs | RV Tips & Education

Author : on 02-Feb-2017 in RV Tips & Education

If you caught my last post on Tips for Cooking in your RV Kitchen (and some of my RV friendly recipes) then you know I do quite a bit of cooking. As a full timer that means learning how to use my RV oven.
If you have tried to cook in an RV oven, you know five things about them:
  • They are SMALL. Most regular cooking pans aren’t going to fit. You might be able to fit a 9” X 13” pan in there but not anything larger.
  • They use propane. Depending on what all your propane is attached to, this can mean that even with normal cooking you are burning through more propane than you like. It can get expensive.
  • The heating element and the way an RV oven is designed is not ideal. The pilot sits in the rear of the oven. Once lit, the flame runs along a rod that extends the depth of the oven, from back to ....

10 Tips for Cooking in Your RV Kitchen (without losing your patience)10 Tips for Cooking in Your RV Kitchen (without losing your patience) | Blogs | RV Tips & Education

Author : on 30-Jan-2017 in RV Tips & Education

I have been cooking up a storm today. My mother-in-law had minor surgery and is getting out of the hospital tomorrow and I am cooking some meals for her that she can freeze so she won’t have to cook while she recovers. It has been quite a day. I slow cooked a pork loin roast with mushroom gravy, new potatoes, and Portobello mushrooms. This evening I cooked the filling for the chicken pot pie I am making tomorrow, some zipper peas with pork tasso, and Salisbury steak (in the crock pot). Tomorrow I am making bread as soon as I get up and will make my chicken noodle soup. I also have a few other things – she definitely won’t go hungry.
I am from the deep south, what can I say? I feed people.

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All this activity got me....

6 Movies that Rock RVs6 Movies that Rock RVs | Blogs | RV Tips & Education

Author : on 26-Jan-2017 in RV Tips & Education

I don’t know about you, but I love it when RVs are featured in movies. When I was young my family did not have an RV, but I always thought they were so cool. I can remember watching shows and movies. Riggs living in his travel trailer in Lethal Weapon and Gonzo on Trapper John living in his RV (aptly dubbed “The Titanic”) in the hospital parking lot. Jim Rockford lived in his travel trailer on the beach and there was the short-lived Johnny Bago. Another brief blip in TV land was Concrete Cowboys with Tom Selleck (pre-Magnum) and Jerry Reed cruising the country in their beat-up camper. Seems I might not be the only one who has a lifelong love affair with RVs.

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As for the silver screen, there are several flicks where RV have a strong supporting role. Her....

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7 Tips for a Cleaner, Healthier RV Fridge 7 Tips for a Cleaner, Healthier RV Fridge | Blogs | RV Tips & Education

Author : on 24-Jan-2017 in RV Tips & Education

I am sort of on a health kick lately. Since Thanksgiving I’ve lost about 30 pounds, done some deep cleaning in my RV, and have done a lot of research on making my environment healthier (check out 10 ways Your RV could be Making you Sick). My husband and I are so careful about how we take care of ourselves, how we eat (free range chicken, non-GMO foods, you get the picture), and even working on getting more sleep (sort of, I’m a lifelong insomniac). These past months have been eye opening. I had always cleaned my fridge very regularly, but hadn’t given much thought beyond the typical “clean out.” The more I read, though, the more I realized I hadn’t been doing all I could – or should. This is what I found.

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Cleaners – A clean refrigerator is ....