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Wildlife 101: When a Wild Animal gets in Your RVWildlife 101: When a Wild Animal gets in Your RV | Blogs | RV Tips & Education

Author : on 20-Jun-2017 in RV Tips & Education

Once, when I was young, a squirrel found its way into the living room of our home. Have you ever seen a wild squirrel trapped in a place where it doesn’t want to be? I have never seen anything like it. That little guy was like a furious ping pong ball. I’m pretty sure he covered every inch of the walls. He was all over that room at once, climbing the curtains, bouncing off the furniture. My father finally slipped in and opened a window, ducking and dodging as he went (I can still see his 6’4”, 275-pound frame ducking away from that little bitty squirrel).

Finally, the squirrel saw the open window and dove for it. He literally flew through the window and up a nearby tree where he proceeded to scold us – from a very safe distance.

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Travel Trailer vs Fifth Wheel for Full Time RV Living – Part 2Travel Trailer vs Fifth Wheel for Full Time RV Living – Part 2 | Blogs | RV Tips & Education

Author : on 15-Jun-2017 in RV Tips & Education

Welcome to Part 2 of my accidental series on travel trailer and fifth wheel comparisons. As I’ve said, each has its strong points as well as its not so great features. I have looked at both and am starting to love the fifth wheel. Maybe I want a change from the camper feel of my travel trailer, I don’t know.

Check Out Part One: ravel Trailer vs Fifth Wheel for Full Time RV Living – Part 1

   In Part 1 we looked at some of the homier aspects of the two RVs. As we move into this next part, we’ll look at more practical features. If you will be moving your rig, you definitely want to take a look at this because we’ll be talking about towing. You’d think that a towering monstrosity like a fifth wheel would be difficult to tow, but all my research says…well, you’ll ....

Travel Trailer vs Fifth Wheel for Full Time RV Living – Part 1Travel Trailer vs Fifth Wheel for Full Time RV Living – Part 1 | Blogs | RV Tips & Education

Author : on 09-Jun-2017 in RV Tips & Education

When my husband and I were trying to decide what we wanted to live in when we chose to be full-timers, we looked at a lot of RV options. We had done a brief (and disastrous) stint in a Class A (if you don’t know our story you can check it out here) and knew we didn’t want that if for no other reason than if the RV broke down we would be out of our home until it was repaired (yes, I know some places allow full-timers to live in the rig while it is being repaired, but how wise is it to relay on that as a universal truth?). We decided that a tow rig was the better option for us.

We decided that a travel trailer was the way to go for us. We hook up, we go. If our vehicle breaks down we still have our home. It was an easy decision. Now we are looking at ou....

Wildlife 101: What to Do When a Bear AttacksWildlife 101: What to Do When a Bear Attacks | Blogs | RV Tips & Education

Author : on 07-Jun-2017 in RV Tips & Education

Depending on where you hike or camp, it is entirely possible that you could encounter a bear. In this installment of the Wildlife 101 series, we’re going to talk about avoiding and surviving a bear attack.

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Bears like food and they like their personal space. They are also very strong and can do serious damage to a car when trying to get to food, so think what they could do to an RV or, worse, a tent. Avoidance is the best defense, but if that doesn’t work, you need to know how to get away.

Signs of an Agitated Bear
Knowing what an agitated bear looks like could be the difference between life and death. There are several situations that heighten the danger though. A mother bear defending her cubs and a bear defending its territory or food are the most danger....

Best Cameras for TravelBest Cameras for Travel | Blogs | RV Tips & Education

Author : on 01-Jun-2017 in RV Tips & Education

I love my camera. I don’t mean I really, really like it, no, I adore it. I have a Nikon D3100 that takes great pictures – and it gets used often. I take it everywhere with me, on the trail, when I am riding, even when I do laundry. You never know when you will encounter that next great shot.

If you are looking for the perfect camera to capture your next great shot, I have a few recommendations for you. These are the best of the best for when you are hiking or sitting around the campfire, or when you are wherever that great shot is. Take a peek and see what you think.

Nikon D500
This is a great DSLR for catching action shots. Yes, I am a little partial to Nikon, but you will get some great shots. The auto focus allows you to catch animals and people in motion. The shutter is fast – there....

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Wildlife 101: Encountering Animals Around Your CampsiteWildlife 101: Encountering Animals Around Your Campsite | Blogs | RV Tips & Education

Author : on 29-May-2017 in RV Tips & Education

Most settings where you park your RV will include at least a few different forms of wildlife. Our current campground is in a somewhat urban area (we are in a little oasis in the middle of the city) and we still have an abundance of squirrels, raccoons, opossums, foxes, birds, hawks, and bats. They have lived among humans for so long, they do get a little close sometimes.

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Don’t Feed the Animals!

My husband was in pest control for more than 25 years and was licensed in nuisance wildlife removal. He said that the number one reason wild animals approach human dwellings is because they are looking for food – and more often than not, humans have been feeding them so they associate humans with food sources. This can be very dangero....

Observing Memorial Day – RV StyleObserving Memorial Day – RV Style | Blogs | RV Tips & Education

Author : on 26-May-2017 in RV Tips & Education

The last Monday in May is Memorial Day, it is set aside to commemorate the men and women who have died in military service for the US. However, over time it has come to have more meaning as the beginning of summer and the true meaning of the day is slowly, quietly slipping away. It is important that we always remember what that day really means.

Originally known as Decoration Day, Memorial Day began as a way to honor Union Soldiers who had perished in the American Civil War. After World War I, the day was extended and became a way to remember all of the men and women who had died in any military action or war.

This year Memorial Day is on May 29. It is a national day of mourning.

When I lived in DC I visited Arlington National Cemetery several times. It is breathtaking and humbling. If ....

Wildlife 101: Encountering Animals in the WildWildlife 101: Encountering Animals in the Wild | Blogs | RV Tips & Education

Author : on 23-May-2017 in RV Tips & Education

If you spend any amount of time camping in your RV, it is almost certain that you will eventually encounter wildlife. While this can be an awe-inspiring experience and a great photo op, it can also be quite dangerous. However, the danger does not come from the animal, rather from how the human handles the interaction with the animal.

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This is a little series that I put together because, as RVers, we will find ourselves face to face with wild animals at some point. I will include some general tips, as well as more specific information such as what to do when you encounter a bear while hiking, what to do if an animal gets in your RV, and basic first aid for an animal bite. I’ll even toss in a word or two on other animals like coyotes, moun....

Road Rules: RV Traffic LawsRoad Rules: RV Traffic Laws | Blogs | RV Tips & Education

Author : on 15-May-2017 in RV Tips & Education

Now that summer is right around the corner, people are gearing up to hit the open road in their RVs. It also comes with some slightly different traffic laws. If you’ve been parked for the winter, here’s a quick refresher before you’re ready to roll.

General RV Traffic Laws
Everything from a camper on a pickup truck to a pop-up camper, to a travel trailer, to a large motor home are all classified as RVs as far as the law is concerned.

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While the laws that apply to your car also apply to RVs, there are also laws that are specific to the operation of an RV on the road.
Check here for information on RV driving speed by state.

Trailer Lights – When towing an RV, such as a fifth wheel, travel trailer, pop-up camper, or o....

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Find the Best Pirate FestivalFind the Best Pirate Festival | Blogs | RV Tips & Education

Author : on 08-May-2017 in RV Tips & Education

Ahoy Matey! Ye Be Channeling Yer Inner Pirate at these Awesome Pirate Festivals in 2017!

If you are looking for some great family fun that is a little different from the standard museum or theme park, why not check out a pirate festival? They have all the standard festival fare: food, live music, performances, shopping, but… they also have PIRATES!

This is a list of some of the best in the country, but there are many others. Some of the festivals will offer Groupon discounts in the days and weeks leading up to event so check the site for deals.

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Contraband Days
May 4 – 14
Lake Charles, Louisiana
I grew up in Louisiana and I can tell you, they know how to do festivals. This one is no different. Enjoy great food, live music and carnival ride....

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