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Notes from the Road: The Joy of Our RV Lifestyle revisitedNotes from the Road: The Joy of Our RV Lifestyle revisited | Blogs | Notes From the Road

Author : on 06-Mar-2017 in Notes From the Road

Last Week we attend an RV show in Austin with friends. As is our style with this couple we both went our separate ways and planned to meet for lunch. I made a bee line for the Mobile Suites and Landmark’s where we encountered a couple who were just beginning to ponder giving up their sticks and bricks for a full-time lifestyle.

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As we chatted with this delightful couple we started to recount the many joys of our lifestyle and in doing so we also reminded ourselves of why we are living it. We shared the challenges also and what we believe was the key to our easy transition into full-timing.

Some of the challenges I believe all full-timers face are:

A disconnect from our church body and the relationships left behind. (Yes, there ar....

Yellowstone Journal – West Thumb Geyser BasinYellowstone Journal – West Thumb Geyser Basin | Blogs | Notes From the Road

Author : on 17-Jan-2017 in Notes From the Road

The West Thumb Geyser Basin is one of the most over looked basins in the park and this is sad because it is one of the most beautiful. There are two loops: the outer loop is a half mile of easy hiking. There is one section with a rather steep grade, and the inner loop is one quarter mile of flat board walk. There are no steps to navigate, making it ideal for those of us with limited mobility. It only takes forty-five minutes to complete both loops even if you poke along.

The features that are unique here are Fishing Cone, Paint Pots, and Mud Puffs. Mud Puffs are tiny mud volcanoes about 3-4 feet tall. Their steam sprouts from miniature chimneys with various brick like shades of red. The mud is satin smooth. You may be tempted to touch it, but be warned this is deadly stuff. It is acid and ....

There is Help in a Pinch!There is Help in a Pinch! | Blogs | Notes From the Road

Author : on 13-Jan-2017 in Notes From the Road

Many an RVer has a story or two of how another RVer has helped out in a pinch. This is one of those.

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We were at a Thousand Trails park near the Russian River. (near, not in sight of.) It was hot and dusty and with no river in view and my cranky self had had enough and wanted outta there! So my wise husband read his two page marriage manual and said, “Yes, Dear” and we got ready to go.

At that time we had the class A, a tow dolly and a Yaris. Steve got the bus and dolly ready. My job was to get the Yaris on the dolly. NO SWEAT! I’ve done this a 1,000 times, well at least several. My first attempts were not to Steve’s liking so I backed off and yet made another run at it. Did I mention I was cranky?

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Yellowstone Journal- Hiking in Yellowstone Yellowstone Journal- Hiking in Yellowstone | Blogs | Notes From the Road

Author : on 09-Jan-2017 in Notes From the Road

There are hundreds of hikes in Yellowstone National Park. They range from VERY EASY and wheelchair accessible like most paths around Norris, West Thumb and Old Faithful to rugged straight up the mountain like the Brink of Lower Falls Trail, Lookout and Red Rock Points.

Most hikes are outlined in detail in the trail guides you can find at the visitor’s centers. Even the frailest visitors have the chance to get out of the car and see the park first hand. Every major attraction has a trail guide, when you get into the park stop at the first visitors center you come to and pick up the trail guides to help you plan your stay in the park.

If you want a back-country experience you will need to get a permit. Permits are issued at the visitor’s centers by the Park Rangers. This is a safety ....

Yellowstone Journal- What’s Happening to the Elk?Yellowstone Journal- What’s Happening to the Elk? | Blogs | Notes From the Road

Author : on 14-Dec-2016 in Notes From the Road

How does a fish cause the diminishing of the Elk herd in Yellowstone?
When we visited Yellowstone Park in 2000 there were elk everywhere. These big beautiful ungulates abounded to the point of us saying “Elk?” who cares. When we returned in 2012 the herd was greatly diminished. “Wolves” is the cry from ranchers and the uninformed. Yes, wolves do prey on elk, but they take only the old and sick and actually improve the health of the herd overall. No, the reduction of the Elk herd is not the fault of the wolf. It is much more complex and mysterious.

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This story begins with a fish. The Lake Trout was accidently introduced into Lewis Lake sometime in the 60’s. No one knows how it got into Lake Yellowstone. Lake trout are one of the largest members of the ....

Yellowstone Journal- Grant VillageYellowstone Journal- Grant Village | Blogs | Notes From the Road

Author : on 06-Dec-2016 in Notes From the Road

Yellowstone National Park is HUGE! It will take 30 to forty-five minutes just to get from someplace to anyplace else in the park.

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Grant Village is in the most southern part of the park. It’s a good place to be if you want to go to the Tetons and see Yellowstone on the same visit. It’s about 20 miles north of the south entrance of the park nestled against Yellowstone Lake.

Grant has a motel like feel. There are several buildings clustered in an E shape with easy parking for all kinds of vehicles. The registration desk is ½ mile from the buildings so you cannot see them when you drive into the Village. Unlike the other Villages, Grant Village does not have cabins. It does have camping and the laundry facilities are the best in the park. Room ra....

A Yellowstone JournalA Yellowstone Journal | Blogs | Notes From the Road

Author : on 11-Nov-2016 in Notes From the Road

Steve and I are workcampers in the summer and we LOVE Yellowstone National Park, so when the chance to work in the park presented itself we jumped at it.
I will be writing a series of stories about our adventures in the park and sharing what to expect when you get there and what not to expect, also.
One of the things not to expect is telephone coverage…you will be unplugged. Verizon works in some places but other than that there is NO, NONE, NADA service. Oh, yes AT&T will get service near Lake Village, but you can drain your battery while you are trying to find it.

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To begin with: Yellowstone is HUGE, so plan to spend at least three or four days in the park to see just the surface of its amazing places and featu....