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Top 4 Websites that Advertise Workamping JobsTop 4 Websites that Advertise Workamping Jobs | Blogs | Henley's Happy Trails

Author : on 21-Sep-2017 in Henley's Happy Trails

Workamping comes in many forms. Any job involving living arrangements in an RV can be considered workamping. RVers that work remotely from their rig with a home business are considered just as much of a workamper as RVers employed at a campground as hosts.

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Many full time RVers couple workamping with traveling, either as a way to fund their journey or a way to enhance their nomadic life. Regardless of the reason, there are a number of sources to utilize when seeking positions in and around the country. One of the first places to look is online, starting with the following websites.

Workamper News
Quite possibly the most popular source for workamping positions is the company that coined the word wor....

Troubleshooting your RV Tank SensorsTroubleshooting your RV Tank Sensors | Blogs | Henley's Happy Trails

Author : on 18-Sep-2017 in Henley's Happy Trails

As park hosts, we get asked about RV sensors a lot. Typically these questions come from new RVers who are still figuring out the ends and outs of their rig. The sensors in question are usually associated with the black and grey tanks. These sensors have a tendency to give false readings, indicating a full or partially full tank even after one has been completely emptied.

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Why won’t sensors correctly display levels?
Each holding tank in your RV has miniscule sensor knobs attached to the inside at varying heights. When a knob gets wet, it lights up the sensor panel or tank monitor. Waste tanks, such as black water tanks, have a lot of things that get flushed past those knobs like toilet paper. When the tank is drained, a wet piece of toilet paper stuc....

Can you Finance Your Full-time RVing Lifestyle with Work Camping Alone?Can you Finance Your Full-time RVing Lifestyle with Work Camping Alone? | Blogs | Henley's Happy Trails

Author : on 06-Sep-2017 in Henley's Happy Trails

Work camping, a term synonymous with the full time RVing community, involves individuals that combine work with RV camping. Jobs vary and can be paid or volunteer positions and last one season or continue year round. Work camping, also referred to as workamping, is our main source of income, allowing us to continue our travels and adventures all across the nation.

Since we began full time RVing, almost three years ago, we have held a number of seasonal work camping positions including camp hosts, Express employees with the Sugar Beet Harvest, and Amazon Camperforce Associates. Each job was selected based the answers to the following three questions.

Does the monetary compensation cover most or all of our living expenses?

What is sufficient income? It varies with each RVer, and we had a pr....

Advice from a Camp Host to RVersAdvice from a Camp Host to RVers | Blogs | Henley's Happy Trails

Author : on 01-Sep-2017 in Henley's Happy Trails

Over the last couple of years, we have been camp hosts at several RV parks. This has given us a chance to gather a mental list of things that can help make your next RV Park experience a positive one!

Please drive slow.
Speed limit signs are generally posted at every park. The park map, typically presented at check in, usually posts the speed limit within the park. That speed limit is generally between 5 mph and 10 mph and is there for safety reasons. At any given time, there could be children running about, people walking their dogs, a vehicle backing out, a staff member running errands in a golf cart, or any other number of obstacles that must be dodged. Try your best to stay within that limit.

This seems like a no brainer; however, this seems to be a common issue at many of our RV park....

Internet Security Tips for RVersInternet Security Tips for RVers | Blogs | Henley's Happy Trails

Author : on 25-Aug-2017 in Henley's Happy Trails

Many RVers rely on RV park WiFi or other types of public WiFi. For someone trying to steal information, public WiFi is a gold mine, literally. That’s not to say there are hackers waiting at every RV park to steal your information. The opposite is most likely true. Unfortunately, one never knows. The following tips can help you browse safely.

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Use your own WiFi
Many smart phone plans allow you to turn your smartphone into a hotspot. If you are unsure about your plan, you can always call your wireless carrier for assistance. If you use your own data plan, you are not on public WiFi. This removes all public WiFi vulnerabilities.

Unlimited data plans are becoming more popular which often times eliminates the need to dial into the park’s WiFi, permit....

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6 RV Hacks for Keeping Cool in Extreme Heat6 RV Hacks for Keeping Cool in Extreme Heat | Blogs | Henley's Happy Trails

Author : on 21-Aug-2017 in Henley's Happy Trails

Summer is upon us and with it comes plenty of sunshine and high temperatures! Depending on where your travel plans take you, the weather can be mild or maddening. Ours was the latter as work led us to Las Vegas for a few months, June thru September. This is one of the hottest locations in our nation this time of year. Temperatures soared to 120 degrees some days, so you can rest assure that the tactics used to keep our RV and others in this location cool and comfortable are tried and true!

Stay in the Shade
One of the most efficient ways to keep cool in an RV is having ample shade over the roof. Simply choosing to park under a tree can mean less strain on the air conditioner and less out-of-pocket expenses to keep it powered. If the environment provides little or no shade some form of over....