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Safety Tips For RVing with PetsSafety Tips For RVing with Pets | Blogs | Henley's Happy Trails

Author : on 21-Feb-2018 in Henley's Happy Trails

RVing with pets is like RVing with children in a lot of ways. They get bored in an RV, don’t particularly like long drives, and they can be noisy in an RV park. That being said, you don’t have to take a toddler to the “kid run” to do their business. However, being that this lifestyle can be difficult with pets, here are a few safety tips for RVing with pets.

Know Where the Emergency Vets Are Located

As you travel down the road, you are not always going to know where the nearest veterinary hospital is located. If you know where you are heading for the night, it doesn’t hurt to do a quick map search and note the name and number of the closest emergency vet clinic.

If we are going to stay in one location for more than a week, we will usually write down the closest vet clinic and the closes....

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Cold Weather PreparationCold Weather Preparation | Blogs | Henley's Happy Trails

Author : on 16-Feb-2018 in Henley's Happy Trails

Many RVers head south to warmer climates in the winter. Some, like us, decide to brave a colder location because that is where the work is available. We have found a few preparation tips that can make a cold stay more tolerable.

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Dehumidifiers are a must.

When warm moist air meets a cold flat surface, condensation forms. The simple act of breathing adds moisture to the air. Add used, wet winter gear and a RV can look like a steam room. If there was a way to take moisture out of the air then condensation would have trouble forming. Fortunately a dehumidifier does just that.

There are many different sizes and products out there that can get the job done. We opted for a large 70 pint dehumidifier. This is intended for an area larger than we h....

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How to Save Power to Maximize Battery TimeHow to Save Power to Maximize Battery Time | Blogs | Henley's Happy Trails

Author : on 12-Feb-2018 in Henley's Happy Trails

When dry camping, it’s not always desirable to run the generator. Having solar panels is a convenient way to get a steady stream of power and charge your batteries throughout the day. If you don't dry camp often, it may not be worth the price tag to get solar. If that is the case for you, the best compromise is to save power where you can in order to minimize generator usage. The following are some tips we use to minimize our power usage while off the grid.

Charge electronics when the generator or engine is running.

We all have phones, tablets, laptops and other electronics that need to be charged. Instead of plugging them in and charging them off the battery, charge them only when the generator is on or when your engine is on. It is counterproductive to charge your house batteries o....

RV Fridge TipsRV Fridge Tips | Blogs | Henley's Happy Trails

Author : on 07-Feb-2018 in Henley's Happy Trails

An RV refrigerator works a little different than a typical residential refrigerator. For example, an RV fridge doesn't have moving parts such as a compressor. It works using gravity and heat instead. Knowing these and other differences can help with understanding how to care for your RV fridge.

Keep it Level

An RV fridge uses gravity to keep the chemicals flowing that cool the fridge. It is for this reason that the refrigerator must remain fairly level when stationary. If there is too much of an angle, the liquid inside will not drain to the bottom properly. The result will be an inefficient fridge or even a broken one. Keeping this in mind, when leveling our rig, we make sure to set a level in front of our fridge. This ensures that this area of the RV is the most level spot.


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30-Amp RV: How many devices can you run?30-Amp RV: How many devices can you run? | Blogs | Henley's Happy Trails

Author : on 02-Feb-2018 in Henley's Happy Trails

Everyone who lives in an RV has most likely tripped a breaker at one time. Most of the time, too many devices running at once cause the breaker to trip. How do you determine the maximum number of appliances you can run on your system?

A Little Bit about Electricity

One could write a whole book about electricity; I believe that would be called a textbook. Fear not! RVers are not required to be electricians, and with a few electrical factoids, an RVer can calculate how much electricity they are using and how much they can use on a 30-amp system.

There are three units you need to know to calculate your rig’s electrical capacity: volts, amps, and watts. Two of those will always remain the same. Volts will be 120 and amps will be 30 in a 30-amp system. If you can multiply, then you can....

When To Use A WIFI Extender at the RV ParkWhen To Use A WIFI Extender at the RV Park | Blogs | Henley's Happy Trails

Author : on 29-Jan-2018 in Henley's Happy Trails

RV park WIFI is notoriously hit and miss. Some will have great speed and bad coverage to all of the sites. Others will have great coverage, but the speed will not be fast enough to accommodate everyone in the park. A WIFI extender will help you with the former and do little if anything for the latter. Here are a few tips to assist with deciding when an extender is a good idea.

One Router Parks

These parks have one wireless router hooked up to the internet and you can connect as long as you are close enough. This is by far the most limited set up in a park and signal usually starts to get poor once you get about 25 feet from the router which is usually located in or near the office. In short, unless you have a rather powerful extender, if you are a notable distance away from the route....

How To Properly Empty Your Black TankHow To Properly Empty Your Black Tank | Blogs | Henley's Happy Trails

Author : on 24-Jan-2018 in Henley's Happy Trails

RVers seem to discuss where their waste goes much more often than people who live in “sticks and bricks” homes. In part because RVers have to deal with their organic waste in more ways and more often than people who don’t live in an RV. In my time as a camp host, I have seen people do all sorts of things while dumping their tanks. Some of those things have resulted in me spending a lot of time cleaning up. In an effort to prevent some messes for me in the future, I am going to go through the process of properly dumping tanks.

Get a decent sewer hose.

When people purchase an RV, the company they buy it from usually supplies a sewer hose to go with it. Some places are better than others, but most supply a very cheap, almost useless hose with very little attachments. We keep this hose....

Quick Cold Weather TipsQuick Cold Weather Tips | Blogs | Henley's Happy Trails

Author : on 19-Jan-2018 in Henley's Happy Trails

When it gets really cold outside, an RV can suffer in a number of ways. My wife and I have spent three winters in the cold Midwest where the temperatures can drop below zero. We have found a few tips to help survive these cold winters.

Keep cabinets open.

When the weather gets really cold, it’s a good idea to leave cupboards and cabinets open or at least cracked. This accomplishes two things.

First, this action increases airflow which can help avoid condensation. Before we started opening our cabinets, we discovered that our towels felt a little wet when we grabbed new ones. We quickly discovered that there was enough condensation building up to make the towels damp. The air was not moving while the cabinet door was closed. Opening the door has solved that problem.

Second, with ope....

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5 Short-Term, Lucrative Workamping Jobs5 Short-Term, Lucrative Workamping Jobs | Blogs | Henley's Happy Trails

Author : on 12-Jan-2018 in Henley's Happy Trails

The length of workamping jobs varies and can last anywhere from a couple weeks to years. Generally, workamping positions require a several months commitment. This is ideal for many full time RVers, but for others that want to travel and explore more with short bursts of money making ventures, jobs lasting no more than a month or two are desirable. If you find yourself fitting into the latter category and don’t already have a remote job that allows you to work from your RV wherever you may be, seeking employment with the following companies may be the next best thing. These are a handful of possibilities.

Sugar Beet Harvest- Each year, hundreds of RVers are hired by Express Employment to assist with the Sugar Beet Harvest that takes place during the month of October in select states, Minneso....

6 Things To Expect About Amazon Camperforce6 Things To Expect About Amazon Camperforce | Blogs | Henley's Happy Trails

Author : on 09-Jan-2018 in Henley's Happy Trails

Amazon has a handful of Fulfillment Centers that hire RVers for the last quarter of the year to assist with their holiday season. This is their busiest time of the year, dubbed Peak Season, and all hands-on deck are needed to meet the demands of consumers.

RVers selected to work are known as Amazon Camperforce associates as this group has specific job roles and responsibilities, work schedules, and benefit packages. So far, we have worked at two separate centers. We worked at a Texas facility from October to December our first season. The following year we accepted jobs in Kentucky from November to December.

Each season was different in that we were assigned new tasks and shifts; however, overall, both experiences were very much the same. If this is a workamping job that interests you, h....