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Camp Host Humor: Funny Sayings to Keep Grump Customers HappyCamp Host Humor: Funny Sayings to Keep Grump Customers Happy | Blogs | Henley's Happy Trails

Author : on 16-Nov-2017 in Henley's Happy Trails

A good friend of ours, who happens to have many decades in the entertainment business, once told us that the key to comedy involves the elements of surprise and timing. He also said to incorporate comedy on a regular basis, as much as possible. Life is too complex and fleeting to miss a good laugh.

One of our most prevalent workamping gigs is at campgrounds or RV parks. As seasonal camp hosts, we are interacting with visitors from all over the country and beyond on a daily basis. Many customers are excited to reach their destination and settle down for some relaxation time. Others are a bit on the sour side from long hours behind the wheel or cooped up with a nagging spouse or rambunctious kids. They aren’t happy and not in the mood for check-in procedures.

We do our best to make the che....

Never Let Your Arrival Date Determine Your Driving Comfort LevelNever Let Your Arrival Date Determine Your Driving Comfort Level | Blogs | Henley's Happy Trails

Author : on 10-Nov-2017 in Henley's Happy Trails

On our first trip in our RV, we went to Texas to visit family. The western part of Texas is not known for its cold weather. In fact, it is not uncommon for residents to run their AC’s through Thanksgiving. In short, we did not expect to run into a snow and ice storm on the way back home.

The storm was big enough to have a name, Frona. We had plenty of opportunities to stop and wait her out, but we were on a mission, to get to our jobs, which were a little over a thousand miles away. Our drive to brave the elements in order to arrive on time was ultimately flawed. We were not completely reckless. We stopped when it was absolutely necessary, which is why we only made it 60 miles in three days.

After stopping for the night at Balmorhea State Park, which by the way was covered in snow, the s....

4 RV Storage Hacks4 RV Storage Hacks | Blogs | Henley's Happy Trails

Author : on 06-Nov-2017 in Henley's Happy Trails

Finding ample storage for personal belongings can be a bit of an ordeal for RV owners, especially for those that own smaller units or have few storage compartments. It’s situations like this where RVers have to put on their thinking caps and get creative! Here are a few ways we try to think outside the box in order to actually fit everything inside the box.

Hang with adhesive hooks.
Apparel like jackets, hats, and purses can become quite cumbersome when tossed over chairs and tables. Adhesive hooks like those sold by Command have proven to be a real effective space saver in our tiny 26 foot motorhome. We have hooks in every room. We hang up clothing items we use on an everyday basis in our bedroom, hang loofahs in our shower stall to dry, quickly collect and deposit our keys on the hooks n....

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Work Camper Advice: Don't Be Afraid to Admit you don't know how to do somethingWork Camper Advice: Don't Be Afraid to Admit you don't know how to do something | Blogs | Henley's Happy Trails

Author : on 03-Nov-2017 in Henley's Happy Trails

When taking a job as a camp host, you will inevitably be asked to do a few things that you are not familiar with performing. Many tasks are pretty straightforward and easy to figure out, even if you have no experience doing them. On the other hand, some tasks appear easy until you try to do them.

Scenario One
Take the example of escorting a guest to their site. Every RV is different and therefore each will fit into a space differently. One may assume that the person driving knows how to handle their rig and its limitations, but that isn’t the case all of the time.

In order to escort someone to their site, you must be familiar with how multiple types of rigs are driven as well as their space limitations as far as branches and other obstacles go. That knowledge really only comes after you h....

When is it OK to Extend your Slides?When is it OK to Extend your Slides? | Blogs | Henley's Happy Trails

Author : on 26-Oct-2017 in Henley's Happy Trails

In addition to many great RV Resorts, we like staying at Walmarts, truck stops, and other parking lots when we are traveling. They are convenient and have many services we might need for a quick overnight stop. Each new parking lot brings the same question: can we extend our slides? In the RV world, whether or not to extend one or more slides is kind of a question of contention. Therefore, I would like to preface the following words with the statement that: the following is simply my opinion.

When it is OK...
When we first arrive at a parking lot that we want to stay at overnight, we always ask the management for their consent. If this is allowed, the manager will most likely direct us to the preferred overnight parking area. Once we know where to go, we try to scout out a location that wi....

Is the Verizon Unlimited Plan Worth It for RVersIs the Verizon Unlimited Plan Worth It for RVers | Blogs | Henley's Happy Trails

Author : on 23-Oct-2017 in Henley's Happy Trails

At one time, Verizon stated it had no intention of starting an unlimited plan. Now with every other wireless carrier offering unlimited wireless plans, it is necessary for Verizon to jump back into the unlimited scene. This is great news for RVers because whether you like the company or not, Verizon does have the largest coverage area. We use this plan and love it, but before you pull your wallet out to solve your internet issues, there are some cons to go with the pros of this plan.

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It is truly unlimited...sort of.

This is a truly unlimited plan for your 4G enabled tablets and smartphones. With this plan, my wife and I managed to use over 50 gigs of data in one month at no additional cost. Your speeds aren€...

Advice for RVers: 6 Pieces of Information to Bring to your Next Campground Check-InAdvice for RVers: 6 Pieces of Information to Bring to your Next Campground Check-In | Blogs | Henley's Happy Trails

Author : on 18-Oct-2017 in Henley's Happy Trails

Check-in procedures vary greatly with campgrounds. Some simply require a payment before setting off to a site; others take down every bit of information from driver’s license number to vehicle insurance. Whether you are making reservations over the phone or stopping for the night after a long day’s drive, it’s always a good idea to have all of your traveling information together as a reference for check-in at any campground. This makes for an efficient, less time-consuming ordeal, allotting more time for some much deserved R&R.

As a camp host at a number of campgrounds, I have seen customers armed with some sort of folder containing pertinent travel information. This is something my husband and I have gathered and created ourselves. We don’t make any extra trips to the RV now to retriev....

4 Useful RV Hacks with Pool Noodles 4 Useful RV Hacks with Pool Noodles | Blogs | Henley's Happy Trails

Author : on 13-Oct-2017 in Henley's Happy Trails

It’s pretty amazing how some of the most mundane objects can end up having multiple functions. Take a pool noodle, for example. Initially meant as a flotation device, this long cylindrical piece of foam is so much more. To RVers, especially, it can be utilized a number of ways to aid in the comfort of everyday nomadic living.

Insulate Hoses and Pipes
Insulation is key when RVing in both hot and cold environments. In extremely cold climates, keeping pipes and water hoses insulated with pool noodles helps prevent water from freezing and protects the integrity of the units. In extremely hot climates, pool noodles allow water temperatures to stay at or close to cool temperatures; they also prevent any type of damage like warping with hoses lying on bare asphalt.

Simply slicing a pool noodl....

Do You Enjoy Living in an RV?Do You Enjoy Living in an RV? | Blogs | Henley's Happy Trails

Author : on 11-Oct-2017 in Henley's Happy Trails

“Do you enjoy living in an RV?” It’s a question we often hear from family and friends, as well as strangers. Believe it or not, we don’t have an easy answer. The difficulty lies in the complexity of the answer. On the surface, this question is binary, either we like it or we don’t.

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Most of the time, this question is asked in the same manner as one would inquire, “How’s it going?” The expected reply is short and simple, “Pretty good” or something to that effect. It’s odd though; when we are asked, “Do you enjoy living in an RV?” it makes us pause. We usually give the short response of yes, but deep down, our minds tell us the real answer is a bit more complicated than that.
First of all, RVs are not all that different.
The ....

Workamping at the Sugar Beet Harvest: What to Wear Workamping at the Sugar Beet Harvest: What to Wear | Blogs | Henley's Happy Trails

Author : on 09-Oct-2017 in Henley's Happy Trails

In October, many RVers head up north to work at the piling stations during the Sugar Beet Harvest. The hours are long and the weather is cold, but the pay is worth it. Many RVers will be participating in this agricultural adventure for the first time and may have questions.

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What should I bring?
Sugar beets can’t be piled if the temperature rises above 55 degrees Fahrenheit because they start to rot. So when inquiring about how cold it will be, the answer is below 55. If you are working night shift, the temperature may hover in the 20s and 30s.

You will want to bring a good cold weather coat and some insulated pants. Snow pants worked for us because they could be worn over any base layers. You will need some sort of head and n....