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Paddling A RainbowPaddling A Rainbow | Blogs | Guest Blogs

Author : on 18-Jan-2018 in Guest Blogs

An hour and a half from Orlando lied our destination of Rainbow Springs State Park in Dunnellon, 20 miles southwest of Ocala, Florida. We set off on a Friday morning with our 15 ft. Starcraft AR-ONE in tow and our kayaks strapped to the roof of our SUV. When you are a camper, you know how it feels to just hit the road and find some freedom from the everyday routine.

The Rainbow River is a unique and beautiful area of Florida. There is archeological evidence that this area has sustained human inhabitants for 10,000 years. Mastodon and mammoth fossils were found in the Rainbow River along with relics of American Indians. The area first became popular in the 1880’s when rock phosphate was discovered. A small community named Juliette flourished during this era. In the 1930’s the spring be....

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Lake Park at Tradition Brings Hometown Charm to Florida's Treasure CoastLake Park at Tradition Brings Hometown Charm to Florida's Treasure Coast | Blogs | Guest Blogs

Author : on 08-Jan-2018 in Guest Blogs

Full-time RV living offers the ultimate freedom – leisurely exploring the country, finding those special spots to stay and enjoy the scenery, taking advantage of the amenities at the nation’s finest travel parks – and even setting up for a longer stay. While the RV lifestyle is sweet, some may find they are ready for a more permanent place to call home.

That’s where Minto comes in! After an incredible sell-out success in TownPark at Tradition, Florida’s premier homebuilder presents LakePark at Tradition, a new active adult community in Port St. Lucie, Florida, named one of the “Top 10 Best Places to Retire” in the U.S. by Portfolio.com.

Just minutes from the Treasure Coast and Florida’s famed Palm Beaches, LakePark at Tradition is an ....

Attn Hunters: Trade Your Cabin For An RV Attn Hunters: Trade Your Cabin For An RV | Blogs | Guest Blogs

Author : on 28-Dec-2017 in Guest Blogs

You love getting out in the woods and hunting. There is nothing better than getting to your cabin and starting a fire, and then going out at first light and looking for that perfect kill. But hunting cabins are actually pretty restrictive and there are some compelling reasons that you should consider trading in your hunting cabin and getting an RV instead.

Advantages & Disadvantages of a Hunting Cabin

There is no denying that a hunting cabin has a few advantages, but the list of them is short compared to the advantages of having an RV for hunting instead. Plus, there are several disadvantages to be aware of. For example, some of them include the fact that you have a lot more room in a hunting cabin. Generally, you will have a common area, kitchen, bathroom and several sleeping areas ....

Driving the RV to Alaska: Great Places To StayDriving the RV to Alaska: Great Places To Stay | Blogs | Guest Blogs

Author : on 07-Nov-2017 in Guest Blogs

Alaska is commonly thought of as an unspoiled wilderness, but it is actually a thriving, beautiful state with a variety of areas to see. Traversing the area by RV gives anyone the ability to experience that wonder and uniqueness up close. Throughout the state there are dozens of RV locations to stay at, but which cities and sights are simply too good to pass on getting to see firsthand? Add these locations to your RVing itinerary.


A first stop, and often one of the best locations to start from is Anchorage. It's a larger city with a wide range of things to do within it. A flightseeing tour is a great place to start. Also, take the time to explore the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail and the Alaska
Native Heritage Center. You can find a number of RV locations here (including places to ....

Tips for Fixing Leaky RV RoofsTips for Fixing Leaky RV Roofs | Blogs | Guest Blogs

Author : on 30-Aug-2017 in Guest Blogs

Written By: Jason Mueller

Whether you own a new RV and enjoy taking road trips in the summer or you have a classic silver bullet from the 1970’s and head out to the wilderness on camping trips throughout the year, a leaky roof is one of the most resolute problems that you may face. A leaky roof can be caused by numerous issues including tree branches falling on the roof, rust or decay in older model RV’s, insects or animals or even frozen water. If you own an RV and find a leak, it’s best to fix is fast so your entire RV won’t wind up ruined from water damage.
It doesn’t take much water to completely ruin the interior of an RV and chances are you will want to keep your RV in great ship and don’t want your belongings floating away. We have a few tips to consider for repairing your leaky....

Top Safety Tips for the Open RoadTop Safety Tips for the Open Road | Blogs | Guest Blogs

Author : on 24-Aug-2017 in Guest Blogs

Written By: Jason Mueller

Cruising down the road in an RV is a fun way to travel through the country. You can find excitement around virtually every bend in the road, but for those who own RV’s and plan to take a long trip down the open road, it’s important to think about safety at all times to make sure that you, and your family or friends who will join you as you head down the highway, will be safe and secure every mile of the trip.

Whether you personally own the RV or you have been able to rent one for the season, be sure to take a few things into consideration to ensure you have a safe journey and that you are fully prepared for anything should an unexpected situation arise while on the long and winding road ahead of you.

Insurance Coverage
Be sure to check with your insurance agent ....

10 Really Cool Homemade RV's10 Really Cool Homemade RV's | Blogs | Guest Blogs

Author : on 14-Aug-2017 in Guest Blogs

Written By: Jason Mueller

Just because you’re in an RV doesn’t mean you can’t customize it to your liking. Whether you like the simple things in life or you’re trying to convert from an RV on the outside to a luxury condo on the inside there are endless possibilities on things to do to have exactly what you’re looking for when you travel. If you’re going to see the country or take some time checking out the best trails to travel this summer, why not do so in style, right?

These top ten RVs made the list of must-sees because of the creativity needed to make something homey out of something that you can hit the road in. Hire a contractor or get down on your hands and knees and put in the handiwork yourself to create an impressive, one of a kind RV or camper that you can haul behind your tr....

7 of the Best New Trails in the United States7 of the Best New Trails in the United States | Blogs | Guest Blogs

Author : on 08-Aug-2017 in Guest Blogs

The continent of America is by far one of the most beautiful on the face of the planet. Whether it’s the wildlife or the unparalleled natural sights, it’s easy to agree that it is truly a pristine paradise – and if you’re serious about hiking, there are certainly some trails that you have to check out. And the best part is, they’re located right here in the States, so you don’t have to venture far from home to experience the adventure of your lifetime. In this article, I’ll be talking about the top seven locations (in my personal opinion) that you should definitely visit during your lifetime, so without further ado, here they are.

1. Backbone, Santa Monica
The backbone is probably one of the oldest and most popular trails in California, and with good reasons. Dating back to the 1970’s, thi....

The Most Essential Safety Items to Pack for a Camping TripThe Most Essential Safety Items to Pack for a Camping Trip | Blogs | Guest Blogs

Author : on 02-Aug-2017 in Guest Blogs

Written by: Jamie Strand

So you’ve decided to trek out on a camping trip this summer (if you’ve yet to decide where, browse through campgrounds with reviews on MobileRVing.com or refer to ‘best of’ lists to uncover spots you may not have otherwise considered, like canyon country, the Black Hills of South Dakota, or Taughannock Falls State Park). While planning out your adventure in terms of geography is the fun part, you may eventually find out (in the event of an emergency) that not taking the time to plan for safety can ruin your fun pretty quickly.

Packing for a camping trip can be a tricky task. You don’t want to take more than you need or more than you can carry, but you also want to ensure that you have the essentials, especially when it comes to health and safety items. While ca....

National Night Out - RV and Travel SafetyNational Night Out - RV and Travel Safety | Blogs | Guest Blogs

Author : on 31-Jul-2017 in Guest Blogs

Beth Kotz

The first Tuesday in August is a great time to be an RV owner. The date plays host to National Night Out, an annual event that's been strengthening police-community partnerships and fostering neighborhood camaraderie since 1984. National Night Out is a great opportunity to develop a sense of community, build better relationships with police officers and other public servants and further crime prevention. It's also the perfect time to head out in your RV and enjoy the great outdoors.

Unfortunately, camping trailers and RVs are often prime targets for thieves. If you plan to head out this August to take part in National Night Out - or if you're just planning a journey of your own - here's what you need to know to keep your RV and your possessions protected.

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