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Benefits of Advanced Travel PlanningBenefits of Advanced Travel Planning | Blogs | Glamping: Teresa and Ed

Author : on 17-Jan-2018 in Glamping: Teresa and Ed

Many long time RVers often tell us about the “good old days”, when they used to be able to travel the country in their RV from park to park, day-to-day or week-to-week. They could arrive unannounced and plan to stay for one night. If they liked the park, they would go in the next morning and extend their stay for days, a week or longer. They could travel the country with a flexible travel plan, changing it up at a moment’s notice when desired.

Not any more.

With 250,000 Baby Boomers turning 65 years of age every month for the next nine years, the RV industry has been witnessing a great renaissance for the last few years. ALl of us have read how this period is one of the greatest industry boom in decades. Add to that, the surge of Millennials jumping into RVs at a much younger age than pr....

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Here We Go Again…On the Road!Here We Go Again…On the Road! | Blogs | Glamping: Teresa and Ed

Author : on 26-Jul-2017 in Glamping: Teresa and Ed

After months of enjoying family and friends from Hilton Head Island to Florida to Tennessee, we are back on the road working with our RV Resorts in the Southeast US. This is our “big” run as we will be busy with our RV properties July through November, covering thirty-seven RV properties and close to 3,000 miles along the way.

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The RV lifestyle, a Leap of Faith, But What a Blessing to See Family

Our motorcoach and tow car resting at our site 200 at HHI Motorcoach Resort.

Teresa and I are blessed to have found a part-time gig in our retirement from our corporate jobs. Southeast Publications (SEPI) offers us the opportunity to travel in our motorhome, save on our travel and lodging expenses, meet some incredible people while making some pocket money along the way.
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The RV lifestyle, a Leap of Faith, But What a Blessing to See FamilyThe RV lifestyle, a Leap of Faith, But What a Blessing to See Family | Blogs | Glamping: Teresa and Ed

Author : on 02-Jun-2017 in Glamping: Teresa and Ed

Since 2009, Teresa and I realized we wanted to travel more in our RV. As you might know, our first was a 1999 Gas Class A Hurricane with little to no features, no leveling jacks or slides, just a simply motorhome.

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We knew one thing; we loved traveling in it. Over the years, we have been able to move through to our current motorcoach with many features that makes it a luxury home on wheels.

While that is very comfortable as we travel now, RVing has given us so much more. After my father was injured in a fall in 2012, we decided I would retire from my corporate role to be available to help him and be available for our aging parents if (and when) needed. We never realized how that decision would allow us to see family so much. Some of the family w....

Ladies and Gents All Need to Drive the RVLadies and Gents All Need to Drive the RV | Blogs | Glamping: Teresa and Ed

Author : on 13-Mar-2017 in Glamping: Teresa and Ed

Since day one, Teresa and I have committed to both be involved in our RV set up and breakdown. A part of this comes from our former careers where we backed up others in our processes. So, when we bought our first motorhome to today’s tag axle motor coach, we both know the processes. One of those is still foreign to many women we meet on the road – driving the RV.

My wife is 5’5 and a half” tall and petite. When she drives our 44’ motorhome into the RV resorts, we still get compliments from many men and women on well she drives. Why not? She is an excellent driver in her car. She has a professional NHRA drag racing license after blowing the twelve men off the track at Roy Hill’s Drag Racing School years ago. The woman can flat out drive! Yet, when she is behind the wheel of the larg....

Amazing the Jobs One Finds RVingAmazing the Jobs One Finds RVing | Blogs | Glamping: Teresa and Ed

Author : on 09-Mar-2017 in Glamping: Teresa and Ed

As Teresa and I have traveled over the last 7 years, we have constantly been amazed at the people who make a living while they RV. Their job might be that they are selling product at the events like the FMCA Family Reunion in Perry, GA or the RV shows we attended. These folks are setting up their booths and selling a product in which they believe will benefit me or my RV. They might sell little to nothing or have a big day selling hundreds to thousands of dollars. But they are making a living while they travel the country.

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We have seen others do “work camping”. Sometimes that entails the person helping maintaining the RV park, working the front desk or other daily functions in exchange for a free site. Some RV resorts have wond....

The Beach is Just Amazing!The Beach is Just Amazing! | Blogs | Glamping: Teresa and Ed

Author : on 13-Feb-2017 in Glamping: Teresa and Ed

My wife loves going to the beach. She loves the constant, steady pounding of the waves onto the shore. She loves the gentle but ever present breeze, blowing inland during parts of the day, blowing out to the ocean in the evenings. She loves the power of Mother Nature when storms at sea pass by without coming on shore. It is like a magnificent movie, produced by God with tremendous clouds and incredible lightning. Beaches are a favorite of my wife, for sure.

Not just any beach. She was "raised" on vacations to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. As adults, we have added Hilton Head Island to that list. During the Winter Months, being able to roll down the road in our motorhome, we have added beaches in Florida on the Atlantic and on the Gulf side. The Atlantic is much more powerful than the Wes....

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Smokies Strong Deserves Our AttentionSmokies Strong Deserves Our Attention | Blogs | Glamping: Teresa and Ed

Author : on 20-Dec-2016 in Glamping: Teresa and Ed

Two young people started a fire in the Great Smoky Mountains one night. Unbeknownst to them, Mother Nature would soon add 80 to 100 mph winds to whip up a catastrophic fire event in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I know the media continually mentioned Sevier County, Pigeon Forge and Dollywood but the major damage from this event occurred in the mountains of the National Park and parts of Gatlinburg. Even downtown Gatlinburg was spared the devastation thanks to the heroic efforts of many firefighters. Fourteen lives were lost in this fire which, again, due to the incredible winds blowing the hot embers long distances and igniting fires in random spots. Fourteen lives, while tragic, could have been much higher in numbers without the efforts of all of the emergency responders.

I would tell you t....

Reduce Stress by Fulltime RVing!Reduce Stress by Fulltime RVing! | Blogs | Glamping: Teresa and Ed

Author : on 08-Dec-2016 in Glamping: Teresa and Ed

When Teresa and I were first considering RVing, we heard some real nightmares from others. We watched the movie “RV” with Robin Williams. We saw many of the issues new RVers encounter with their machines. We still watch that movie for some good laughs. We heard about how RVs could become serious money pits. We heard driving those monster vehicles in traffic was terrifying and frustrating as you sat in hours of traffic burning diesel fuel. Still, we were thrilled to have an RV and experience this lifestyle. But it was not until we left our corporate roles which took up 60-80 hours a week, that we really learned how stress less RVing can be.

Stress less? Truly, it has been for us. It can be for you but one needs to have the correct mindset with the following five suggestions.

First, w....

Catch Us if You Can! Avoiding Catastrophic Weather EventsCatch Us if You Can! Avoiding Catastrophic Weather Events | Blogs | Glamping: Teresa and Ed

Author : on 20-Oct-2016 in Glamping: Teresa and Ed

So there we were, Teresa and I working on Guest Guides for five RV resorts in southern New Jersey. The news was starting to tell us about a tropical storm named Matthew. We knew we were leaving the area October 10, 2016 to head to Hilton Head Island for owners’ week later that month. Yet, as the storm developed into a Hurricane, the predictive models had Matthew heading in a number of directions including our area. What to do?

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The ability to shift gears and move in a totally different direction is one of the beautiful aspects of this Full Time RV lifestyle. We had planned to travel from New Jersey through Maryland, into Washington DC for a day or two, then down I-95 to Hilton Head Island arriving at the Hil....

The Only Constant is Change, But That is Part of RVing!The Only Constant is Change, But That is Part of RVing! | Blogs | Glamping: Teresa and Ed

Author : on 22-Sep-2016 in Glamping: Teresa and Ed

So said Heraclitus of Ephesus (c. 500BC) and we find it is still true today.
Teresa and I have made many changes in our lives since leaving our corporate lives. For years, she was on blood pressure medicine. That stopped soon after retirement.

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We used to get up to at 5:30am to get our workouts in. We work out when we want to now.

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We would take short vacations to our favorite places but had smart phones keeping us connected to the office(s). Now we are on “vacation” all the time, staying in warmer weather longer so Teresa can continue to wear her flip flops and rarely using the smart phone for work while playing. Okay, we still work part-time with RV properties in Florida, Sout....