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Camping Gear for RVers

Camping Gear for RVers

Oh no! Did you forget something? Even if you live in your Full time in your RV, when you go camping in the wilderness, there are certain additional things you want to bring. Although a basic list of camping gear would vary depending on the intended level of difficulty, you can increase your enjoyment and sense of accomplishment by bringing appropriate equipment. Whether your idea of camping is a 40-foot motorhome or ditching the rig for a night under the stars, these fun accessories can take you to the next level.

Drinking Water

Probably the absolutely most important thing to have in any camping trip is clean drinking water. This is not always a given. That’s why a decent purifying system can mean the difference literally between life and death. The Camelbak All Clear is a UV water purifying bottle that allows you to take any clear water and kill the bacteria in 60 seconds producing safe, drinkable, H2O. You just push a button and shake. It may not taste great, but it won’t kill you.

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Outdoor Cooking

Although your RV probably has a perfectly lovely kitchen, for many the primary purpose of camping is to immerse themselves in the outdoor experience—and that includes cooking. Here are a couple of items that may add to your culinary enjoyment.

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Coleman FyreSergeant 3-IN-1
Sometimes you like to have options. With this camp stove, you have a stove-top burner and a propane grill that heat independently of each other with a push-button ignition. It has a removable drip pan to make cleaning easy and the sturdy lid creates an obvious shield from the wind. You can also buy accessories to switch the grill-top for a griddle. This provides a lot of versatility, plus you can always cook on the campfire.

Cast Iron Cookware
This is practically a necessity for outdoor cooking. You can use it on a stove burner, as well as an open flame and then “cook” it clean. It is super durable. In fact, some pieces from the times of the first settlers are still in use. Ok, I’m not positive about that but it wouldn’t surprise me. Furthermore, cooking on well-seasoned cast iron produces a better flavor.

Good Lighting

It can get really dark at night, especially when you are out in the wilderness. If you don’t want to solely depend upon the illumination of the campfire to get around at night, it’s a good idea to pack sources of lighting. Here are a couple of multi-purpose options.

Flashlight “Plus”
It’s important to have a good flashlight and it’s even better if serves other purposes as well. The rechargeable and waterproof ZeroHour XD Tactical flashlight also acts as an SOS beacon and night scope, a security device and weapon, and even a phone charger.

Mosquito Repelling Lantern
By using this handy lamp at your campsite, you don’t have to drown yourself in DEET. The Thermacell Mosquito Repelling Lantern also makes an attractive addition to your exterior.

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Decent Seating

What sort of seating you want depends primarily on where your priorities lie: comfort or convenience? These two options have a combination of both.

Eureka Curvy High-Back Chair
This innovative chair is the EZ Boy of outdoor seating. With its extra-high back, it offers better support than most, and it reclines. The mesh material ensures that it won’t get hot when it has been sitting in the sun and it’s so comfy, you may even want to sleep in it.

Coleman Portable Deck Chair With Side Table
This camping chair from the well-known brand offers not only comfort, but convenience, as well. The attached side table has a cup holder, making eating around the campfire easy and fun.


In addition to the essential pieces of gear, there are several things that can make traveling into unknown territories easier and safer. Consider adding the following items to your RV camping equipment.

Many people use smartphones and tablets for their on-the-road directions, but a better idea is to use a standalone RV GPS unit. These handy gadgets find routes based on the height and weight restrictions of your RV. Your phone isn’t going to do that without incorporating a ton of different apps. We’re fans of the TomTom VIA 1605M.

Solar Power Charger
When you’re dry camping, you aren’t likely to have a readily available power source aside from your RV itself and those batteries won’t last forever. Using solar energy to power your electrical equipment saves your batteries without using a generator. The JOOS Orange Solar Charger is a great option because it can be charged in indirect light and even from a USB power source, although it charges quicker in direct sunlight. It holds a charge for years and is even waterproof.

Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot
Even though you go camping to “get away from it all”, you probably still want access to the Internet. Even if you stay at fairly established campgrounds rather than off the beaten path, the provided Wi-Fi is usually unreliable and weak. That’s why it is a good idea to bring your own Wi-Fi hotspot.

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Choose a cellular data plan and consider getting a booster for your devices. These consist of an antenna on your roof or window, an amplifier, and an interior antenna that transmits the signal to your devices. Then surf to your heart’s content.

In Conclusion

Along with the normal camping gear, add items that are specific to the activities that you intend to engage in so you can make the most of your experience. Spend your time on activities you enjoy rather than fighting with a campfire or an uncomfortable seat. If you have a wild adventure, you want it to be by choice rather than due to poor planning.

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