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Family Boondocking at Jamala Beach
Family Boondocking at Jamala Beach

Boon docking at Jalama Beach-Northern Santa Barbara County, CA!

We have to return you to one of our favorite places, Jalama Beach, in the Santa Barbara County of California.

Where once we told you was our Families favorite place to go, and now our children are taking their spouses/families. But we too are still getting back to our favorite family beach, sometimes taking our friends. It was one of those times that we took our friends; Tom & Marilyn, and Tom & Emily.

Marilyn is now, mostly confined to her electric wheelchair, but that was not going to keep us from getting her on the beach! Santa Barbara County offered these free of charge, and you can get a list of all the Beaches that offer this on the California Coast by visiting California Coastal Commission.

We had the best time, and so did Marilyn! The men took turns pushing her alongside of us walking down the beach, and toward the end of our walk, leave it to my husband to take her all the way into the surf!! We thought we were going to lose her, with the buoyant wheels the first wave hit them, and took her tilting….but laughing all the WAY! Everyone made it safely back to camp, and after a change of clothes and all of us sitting back at the campfire, the tales around the fires started about our day on the beach, ALL of us!!

Happy Trails,
Lynn & Denise Boon

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