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Best of the Best Top Camping Gear

Best of the Best Top Camping Gear

For all you hear about the sedentary epidemic in the United States, I have a few stats that say otherwise. Americans spend an average of $81 billion a year on bikes. That’s more than they spend on airline travel in a year! What’s more, they spend $648 billion on outdoor recreation – they only spent $340 billion on cars. They love their snow sports and camping in cold weather too. In a year, American spending on skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and other snow sports, is equal to what they pay for internet access. In short, we’re serious about our outdoor activities, and even more serious about our gear.

In the U.S., for every dollar spent on outdoor gear, $4 is spend on travel, trips, and other outdoor related activities. So let’s take a look at some of the hottest camping gear for 2017.

Paddle Tracker
Track your paddle performance, including record your heart rate and other fitness stats with the Motionize Paddle. A highlight of Utah’s Outdoor Retailer trade show, this device’s motion sensor is specifically designed for paddlesports. You can see how many strokes you make per minute, your distance per stroke, how many strokes you make per session, your stroke length, and your technique efficiency ratio.

GPS, BlueTooth, and Fitness Watch
The top camping gear experts at Gear Junkie had their Reader’s Choice awards and this watch took the lion’s share of the votes. This watch does just about everything except parallel park your car for you. It has a GPS, measures barometric altitude, and compass, but is also a fitness gadget. The list of features for this amazing watch are too many to list here. You can check out the Suunto Spartan Ultra GPS Watch here on Clever Training.

Most Versatile Lantern
You get eight different light functions and programs with this single kit. Also a top camping gear hot item at the Outdoor Retailer, the LEDLenser XEO 19R and 19S includes mounting equipment for a tripod, GoPro, your waist, bike, and a helmet. It also includes charging gear so you will always have the power to light up wherever you are.

Charge your Devices with the Power of the Sun
These solar panels also received top votes at Gear Junkie’s Reader’s Choice awards. The Kickr IV is not only powerful, it is also ultra lightweight. With a true output of 6 watts, it can charge devices that are USB enabled including smartphones, tablets, cell phones, and your trusty Kindle) so you can do a little reading on the trail). There’s also good news for the rough and tumble out there: The Kickr IV is designed to withstand pretty harsh punishment including drops, shocks, and even minor punctures – and it is water resistant.

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There are so many innovative, useful camping and hiking products out there; these are just a few of the coolest. What’s your favorite top camping gear product for 2017? Tell us about it in the comments and don’t forget to paste a link so we can take a look too!

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