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Public Bathouse
Bathhouse Etiquette

Bathhouse Etiquette

For many RVers, the bathhouse is a place of mystery. They choose to stick to their tiny RV bathrooms and skip the public restrooms altogether. However, if you are like me, you might prefer the nice water pressure, space to move around, and large quantity of hot water that the typical bathhouse offers. These things are not found in our RV at all, so having them close at hand is a luxury that I simply cannot pass up.

That said, bathhouses do have their downsides. One of these is the fact that they are shared with others. Not that I don't like to share, but I prefer to share with individuals who use good manners, and that isn't always the case in campground bathrooms.

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Because I think everyone in the campground should be able to enjoy a clean shower, I feel that there are a few unspoken rules that perhaps need to be spoken. Here are the three bathhouse etiquette rules I try to follow, and I hope others do the same in return.

Stay Off Their Lawn

One of the most important rules of campground etiquette is to stay off sites occupied by others. However, many people have a tendency to disregard this rule if it means a shorter route to the bathhouse. While many campers may not mind if you walk across their site to save some time and energy during your trip to the showers, it is always a good idea to err on the side of caution and stick to the walkways.

Leave It as You Found It

Nobody wants to use a dirty shower. Therefore, if you find that you’ve left hair in the drain or splattered soap on the walls, it is your job to clean those messes up. By always leaving the bathhouse as clean as you found it, you can do your part in ensuring everyone has a clean shower to use.

Share and Play Fair

It’s happened to all of us: You hop into the one and only shower stall, only to hear someone come in to shower shorty after. When this happens, it is good manners to hurry it up. Of course, you should still get clean and enjoy your shower, but taking excessive amounts of time when someone else is waiting is just plain rude. Likewise, if you are showering during a busy time of day, even if nobody is waiting, it is a kind gesture to try to leave hot water for the next person who comes in.

Don’t Take What Isn’t Yours

Sometimes people forget things in the shower. It happens to the best of us, and you wouldn't want somebody to take your $20 shampoo or your special princess towel because you accidentally left them behind. Follow the golden rule and do unto others what you would have them do unto you by leaving forgotten items right where you found them.

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By following these simple rules, you can ensure your body and your conscience leave the bathhouse feeling squeaky clean and help everyone around you enjoy their camping experience.

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Chelsea Barron

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