Are you Prepared for Unexpected Emergencies?

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Are you Prepared for Unexpected Emergencies?

Are you Prepared for Unexpected Emergencies?

The great thing about RVing is, of course, the travel. You can strike out cross country to visit new places and meet interesting people. It also means that you could be many miles away if there was an emergency back home or with your loved ones. You could find yourself in a strange place without access to resources – or know where to find resources.

Would you be prepared?

Last August my first grandbaby was born. I was in South Carolina and he was in Louisiana, but this grandma was not about to be deterred by a few miles! I had a little cash stash that I used to rent a car and zip down there for a few days (he is GORGEOUS, by the way!).

It got me thinking, though. Preparation is important. After something happens, your window to plan and prepare goes away and you are left to a reactive response (often laced with anxiety and panic). There are any number of unexpected emergencies: a natural disaster, a medical emergency, becoming the victim of a crime, or the death or serious illness of a family member back home.

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A little planning ahead of time could make all the difference.

Make a Plan
Different situations call for different plans, but there are a few things that you can do to prepare some events. I keep a list on my phone of items that I can throw in a bag and be out the door in about five minutes. I make sure that there is a place for everything in my RV and everything is in its place, so I can grab everything without searching for it.

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Post Important Numbers and Addresses in an Accessible Place
When you stop at a campground, take a few minutes to post important information like the numbers for police and the hospital as well as the address and site number where you are parked. I keep a white board/cork board on the inside of one of my cabinet doors. I can tack business cards there and write information that I need. You never know when it will come in handy. It also doesn’t hurt to make a list of important personal numbers of family members and friends. I printed mine on a business card, laminated it, and keep it in my wallet. In this age of cell phones no one needs to remember phone numbers anymore, but what happens if something happens to your phone and you can’t get to those numbers? A hard copy can be a life saver.

Make an Emergency Kit for your RV and Car
Having an emergency kit for your RV and your car is just smart. There are some things you’ll want to put in your RV kit that you won’t necessarily need to include in your car kit. Of course, you’ll want to have a first aid kit in each as well as flashlights, batteries, and an emergency cell phone charger (the kind you charge with your computer). In your car you might include a blanket, granola bars, and some water. You can tailor it to the climate of the area where you are staying. Don’t forget medication, an extra pair of glasses, and other personal needs you may have.

Keep Some Cash on Hand
Cash can really come in handy. During a storm ATMs can go down leaving you without any access to money. I keep some cash tucked away and I also keep a $20 hidden in my wallet. That may not seem like much, but $20 can get you out of quite a few jams. How much you stash away in your RV depends on that you think you need – but you need to set something aside.

Situations can arise when you least expect it. Prepare. It’s just smart.

How do you prepare for the unexpected?

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