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Amazing the Jobs One Finds RVing

Amazing the Jobs One Finds RVing

As Teresa and I have traveled over the last 7 years, we have constantly been amazed at the people who make a living while they RV. Their job might be that they are selling product at the events like the FMCA Family Reunion in Perry, GA or the RV shows we attended. These folks are setting up their booths and selling a product in which they believe will benefit me or my RV. They might sell little to nothing or have a big day selling hundreds to thousands of dollars. But they are making a living while they travel the country.

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We have seen others do “work camping”. Sometimes that entails the person helping maintaining the RV park, working the front desk or other daily functions in exchange for a free site. Some RV resorts have wonderful work camper opportunities. We have been to one resort we really love that we might one day go to as a work camper. Why not work two days a week, with one of the couple outside helping RVs to their site in exchange for your site with the spouse working the front desk two days a week for pay? Two days a week for your site and a little cash to live in a paradise resort?

We have seen people working remote while traveling in their RVs. They do IT work, sales, marketing, consulting, RV cleaning/detailing and more from their RV, from their lounge chairs or even on the beach. They want the freedom to travel but will work from the road. Many find the cost of living on the road less than having the brick and mortar home.

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We know that there are beautiful resorts where once you buy the lot ($35,000+), your Property Owners’ Association fee for your full hook-ups (50 amp electricity, water, sewer, cable, WiFi, plus use of Resort amenities) is around $200-$225 per month. Where can one live for that cost? And it is in a beautiful beach destination too.

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In addition, I still receive emails infrequently now from different head hunting firms talking about Director of Marketing, Vice President of Marketing, Vice President of Sales, Director of Communications/PR and more. These jobs are all around the country with impressive companies and the pay is very generous in most cases.

I retired from my corporate role (VP of Marketing and Sales with a large healthcare system) to travel more with Teresa, spend more time with my family (mom, kids, aunts, cousins) so these are not of interest to me but are available for others.

Another opportunity we learned about in our travel was driving new RVs from the factory to the dealerships. The company pays 45 to 55 cents per mile (depending on the RV model), most of your fuel expense and you drive new RVs while traveling the country. You don’t live in the RV, you don’t use their potty but you get to travel and get paid for it. And they are having difficulty finding people for these jobs in a time when RVing is booming!

As we travel, we always see advertising on the 18-wheeler trucks about needing drivers, lucrative pay and benefits plus the opportunity to travel. Trucking is not always the easiest lifestyle so we respect those travelers as we RV around the country. Still, there are a lot of jobs available in this industry too.

What have we chosen?

Teresa thought I would need to find something to do after my corporate and community careers. Beyond my corporate role, I was active in the United Way, Kiwanis, church and more. She was concerned I would get bored and our next chapter would not be enjoyable.

Fortunately, we found a wonderful solution for us. Teresa and I enjoy Southeast Publications working part-time with RV properties to produce their Guest Guides.

If you haven’t seen much about this on, you clearly are not paying attention, but we shall review this opportunity now. We travel to RV properties, meet with the owners/managers, then canvas the region for local businesses who could help RVers AND benefit from RVers to create the Guest Guide which is given to all of their guests over the coming year. A marketing message handed directly to the consumer. Great idea!

We get to meet a lot of neat mom and pop businesses, some impressive regional businesses and in the end, we get our RV site at no charge for up to two weeks in exchange for our efforts. We generate enough to pay for the production of their Guest Guide and when we sell more than is needed, we receive a generous percentage of those dollars from Southeast Publications.

Over the four years we have been with Southeast, we have grown exponentially…that means a lot… in our route, our RV properties and commissions. But it is still part-time
So, we save on our expenses with the free RV site AND some cash? Pretty cool. Plus we depreciate our beautiful motorhome which is our office on the road.

This Winter was spent at RV Resorts in Florida. Coming up in 2017, we will be doing a lot of RV properties in Tennessee, five in New Jersey and looking to create a new market in the Fall. We are starting to see a pattern in three regions – FL (Jan-Feb, Apr), TN (July-Aug, Oct) and NJ (Sept). So far, we are having a great time traveling, enjoying the regions we visit and making a living at the same time. How much part-time? 7 months a year and working part-time during each of those weeks.

When I hear someone in the media talking about how tough the job market is today, I get a little frustrated. If one paints themselves into a corner with a specific career and the world changes, yes, the job market is tough. BUT, if you can look at all the opportunities out there, you can always make a “living” doing something you can enjoy. I have been blessed to be successful as a waiter (singing waiter too), professional theatre performer, TV account executive, TV sales manager, vice president of marketing/communications and, since 2013, starting this new chapter traveling in our RV. Don’t let yourself be boxed in thinking what you do now is ALL you can ever do.

We have seen so many people making a living in a unique or creative way, freeing them up to enjoy more of life each day. Do something you like or something that allows you to do something you like. If the world changes and that job dries up or goes away, don’t think it is the end, but the beginning of another chapter in your life.

Why are so many people unemployed? There are so many ways to make a living. And to live! Truly folks, there are so many ways to make a living in this great big world! Go out there and find the one that makes your life complete! Best of luck in finding your way to say, “lovin’ the Lifestyle!"

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Ed & Teresa Herbert


Ed & Teresa Herbert

RVing since 2009, Ed and Teresa Herbert hit the road in 2013 after retiring from their corporate jobs in the large healthcare system that brought them together, he a VP and she an RN. They married on 3/8/03. They celebrate Monthiversaries so ask them how many months they’ve been married. They know! Between them, they have three adult children, two are married, two grandchildren with two toy poodles, Alli & Noah, which travel with them.Besides RVing, they love pickelball, biking, history, working out, and Ed sings professionally. Teresa earned her NHRA license after enjoying NASCAR Schools twice. She drives the motorhome 50% of the time and always encourages women to drive their RV.

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