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Examples of A, B and C Motorhomes
ABC’s of Motorhome Classes

ABC’s of Motorhome Classes

Motorhomes are divided into three main classes: A, B, and C. While size is one of the main and most important differences between each type, the class letters do not progress according to the size of the vehicle, so they can be difficult to remember. The chassis, or vehicle frame, that each RV employs is another of the most noticeable difference between each class of vehicle. Visualizing each type helps to keep them separated.

From “hybrids” to “minis” to “supers” there are at least a dozen additional subgroups of motorhomes. They can be somewhat confusing even to a knowledgeable RVer, or completely unintelligible to someone new without a good understanding of the basics, and those basics are what you’ll learn here.

The class A motorhome is associated with luxury and roominess. On the other hand, it can also be associated with high costs, both to purchase and to operate. Some high-end RV resorts allow only class A owners in their motorhomes as guests. Despite its large size, this type of motorhome it is often designed to sleep only two people. For even more space, this class almost always has a few (or many) slide outs.
The class A is the largest of the three classes. These RVs are built on a chassis used for a bus or commercial truck. They tend to get poor gas mileage and many people choose to tow a car behind their class A to get around once they reach their destination.

This type of motorhome is sometimes called a camper van or a van conversion. Its strengths lie in providing an extremely mobile solution for people who want to have a place to sleep as they travel, but may not spend much time in campgrounds. It is rare to see a class B towing another vehicle, as most class B owners use their camper van for all of their transportation on a trip.

The class B motorhome is the smallest of the classes. It tends to get the best gas mileage and is the easiest to maneuver. It rarely has any slide outs, though they are available on some models. It looks very much like a van because it is built on a van chassis.

The class C is often considered the best of both worlds. Perhaps this type of motorhome is identified with the letter C because of its cab-over design, which allows space for storage or a bed area above the cabin of the vehicle. Class C’s are often designed with space for more people to sleep than are provided by As or Cs, so can frequently be seen in use by families. Class C motorhomes may or may not have slide outs to extend the width of the living area.

A class C motorhome is medium in size compared to the A and B. It makes use of a standard cargo van to power the vehicle. Many class C owners tow a car behind their motorhome to get around once they park the RV.

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