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7 Tips for a Cleaner, Healthier RV Fridge

7 Tips for a Cleaner, Healthier RV Fridge

I am sort of on a health kick lately. Since Thanksgiving I’ve lost about 30 pounds, done some deep cleaning in my RV, and have done a lot of research on making my environment healthier (check out 10 ways Your RV could be Making you Sick). My husband and I are so careful about how we take care of ourselves, how we eat (free range chicken, non-GMO foods, you get the picture), and even working on getting more sleep (sort of, I’m a lifelong insomniac). These past months have been eye opening. I had always cleaned my fridge very regularly, but hadn’t given much thought beyond the typical “clean out.” The more I read, though, the more I realized I hadn’t been doing all I could – or should. This is what I found.

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Cleaners – A clean refrigerator is a healthy one. There are plenty of “green” or chemical free cleaners on the market and many of them do a great job. Personally, I prefer the good ole white vinegar and baking soda route. I little lemon gives it a nice scent too. If you want your RV to smell great though, just cut a few slices of lemon or orange and put them in a small pan of water along with a stick or two of cinnamon. Simmer it on your stove and it will smell wonderful (and it covers any lingering vinegar smell). Orange peel makes a great cleaner as well. Soak it in some water or rub it directly on the area. It leaves a nice scent too.

Drawers and drawer compartment – Many people wipe down their fridge, but all too often the drawers and drawer compartment are neglected. Pull out the drawers and wash them thoroughly. Before putting them back in your refrigerator, clean the drawer compartment. This means the area where they sit as well as the sides and even the underside of the shelf above them.

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Shelves – If you can remove the shelves in your refrigerator, you should. It will allow you to clean them better and you can clean the grooves where the shelves sit. Wipe down the surface as well as the underside and all the edges.

Door – When was the last time you wiped down the refrigerator door gaskets? If the seal around the door is dirty it can reduce the cooling effect of the unit. Wipe all the way around the door as well as on the refrigerator itself where the door makes contact and seals. Also, make sure that you thoroughly clean the shelves on the door including any compartments- even if you don’t use them.

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Check your seals – Speaking of refrigerator door gaskets, you should use this time to check and make sure they make a good seal. Inspect them for cracks, holes, or signs of wear. You can test the seal by placing a dollar bill behind the gasket and closing the door. The dollar should stay put. It should not slide or drop. When you pull on it you should feel some resistance. Do this check at several points on the door including the top, bottom, and side. If you find any weak spots, replace the gasket.

Thermostat – Food will start to spoil when the temperature exceeds 40 degrees inside your fridge. A thermostat will help you keep on top of your fridge’s temperature. This is more important than you may think. RV refrigerators are not like the refrigerators in homes. They are constructed differently and operate with fewer or no moving parts. Their design makes them susceptible to heat from outdoors and even if your RV is not leveled properly. Keeping a thermostat in your fridge and checking it regularly will help you keep it running as it should because it will alert you to potential issues before they become serious.

Check for mold – Mold is fairly common in RVs but that doesn’t mean that you are powerless against it. Check your refrigerator, especially the seals, the grooves where the shelves fit in the unit, and under the drawers for signs of mold. Mold can grow inside the compartment where your refrigerator is housed so you should service your RV refrigerator regularly to avoid this and to make it operate more efficiently. This will make it work better and cut down on any mold. It will help keep your fridge and your RV healthier.

What’s your best cleaning tip for your RV refrigerator?

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I am sort of on a health kick lately. Since Thanksgiving I’ve lost about 30 pounds, done some deep....


I am sort of on a health kick lately. Since Thanksgiving I’ve lost about 30 pounds, done some deep....

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I am sort of on a health kick lately. Since Thanksgiving I’ve lost about 30 pounds, done some deep....
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