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Learn about 5 of the most lucrative workamping jobs...

5 Short-Term, Lucrative Workamping Jobs

The length of workamping jobs varies and can last anywhere from a couple weeks to years. Generally, workamping positions require a several months commitment. This is ideal for many full time RVers, but for others that want to travel and explore more with short bursts of money making ventures, jobs lasting no more than a month or two are desirable. If you find yourself fitting into the latter category and don’t already have a remote job that allows you to work from your RV wherever you may be, seeking employment with the following companies may be the next best thing. These are a handful of possibilities.

Sugar Beet Harvest- Each year, hundreds of RVers are hired by Express Employment to assist with the Sugar Beet Harvest that takes place during the month of October in select states, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Montana. RVers are assigned to piling stations where the crop is stored before being processed in nearby factories or assigned to a lab where beet samples undergo quality checks. It’s long hours on your feet with exposure to the elements, but the pay includes plenty of overtime. The application process begins in January and further information can be accessed at sugarbeetharvest.com.
Tree lot

Amazon Camperforce- Another short-term but lucrative workamping job is with Amazon. There are a handful of fulfillment centers in the country that specifically seek RVers to work during the months leading up to Christmas. RVers can begin as late as early November. Just like the Sugar Beet Harvest, campers are allotted a free site with full hook-ups and all hours paid. Be prepared to work 10-hour days on your feet and performing the same task repeatedly. RVers are assigned to tasks related to inventory checks, stocking, and collecting products to be shipped. The online application process begins at the start of each year and can be accessed here.

Aramark Houston Livestock and Rodeo-RV Campers- The world’s largest livestock and rodeo happens every February/March in Houston, Texas. RV Campers are hired to help run food and beverage operations for the duration of the function. With training, set-up, concession operations, and breakdown,the total workamping job lasts about one month. Campers are given a stipend for their campsite along with all hours paid, usually 40 hours a week. A quick Google search with keywords “Aramark RV Campers” connects interested parties to the most updated work ad.

Pumpkin and Christmas Tree Lots- Similar to the Houston Rodeo, managing pumpkin and christmas tree lots typically lasts about a month. Again, the RV site and hook-ups are included in the compensation. Plus, commuting to work takes mere seconds since you live on the lot. This is a great opportunity to hone in on previous managerial experience or try your hand at the field. Training is provided, along with guidance throughout the season. Many of these holiday gigs are posted by the organization, Workamper News.

Camp Host Replacement- For one reason or another, camp hosts may be unable to complete a work season. A family emergency or sudden illness may result in an early, unexpected departure. The remaining weeks/months will need to be covered, and campground owners/managers are typically scrambling for a replacement with such little notice. Workamper News posts work ads on a weekday basis for its subscribers. It’s not uncommon to see several ads a month requesting temporary, short-term replacements, especially mid to late summer.

There are a number of other outlets that offer short-term, money-making gigs for travelers. What other workamping jobs can be added to this list?

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