5 Reasons to Join RV Facebook Groups

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5 Reasons to Join RV Facebook Groups

5 Reasons to Join RV Facebook Groups

Facebook—social media Mecca that it is—enables billions of individuals to connect with like-minded people while sharing interests and opportunities in one central location. Fortunately, as Facebook’s membership grows, so too does the quantity and quality of its groups. If you can imagine it, there is likely a group focused on it. Plus, if there isn’t, you can always start one. Here are five of the main reasons why I believe they are helpful for travelers.

Social Network of Like-Minded People

Many RVers find great benefit in membership to one or more RV clubs. Along with potential discounts on campground fees and camping supplies, some clubs organize caravans and other meet-ups. A lot of this information can be found on their Facebook pages. Some of the groups with the largest member base include:

Since they boast members from across the country, joining one of these groups is a great way to start adding contacts. However, because the members are so diverse, it’s also a good idea to affiliate yourself with a few that are a bit more specific to your lifestyle and RVing goals.

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Instant Answers to RV Parts and Problems

One of the best characteristics of Facebook is that you can always reach someone. It has been our experience that breakdowns of any kind nearly always happen after normal business hours have ended and usually on Sunday when the traditional solutions are closed. This is where our Facebook group has been instrumental in achieving a prompt resolution.

In fact, we started a Facebook group specifically for those who have Tourmaster RVs to share information, such as where to find the schematics for our model, fuses, replacement parts, and to help with troubleshooting. We have been able to remedy situations that we wouldn’t have known how to otherwise.

Instant Answers to RV Lifestyle Questions

If you’re looking for innovative tricks for organizing your space, working on the road, or creating a mobile garden, there is a Facebook RV group that specializes in that subject. Running a mobile business from your rig? There are groups for that too.

Additionally, there are options specifically for full-timing, glamping, and others for boondocking. The groups RV Tips and Cheap RV Living are popular options that appeal to nearly everyone.

Share Photos and Stories

Being able to see RV renovation photos is one of the most enjoyable and inspiring aspects of joining a motorhome-specific Facebook group. One of our members is saving thousands of dollars by updating his existing 1993 home rather than buying a new one. Another one posts photos of his latest “honey-do” reno after each of his trips.

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Additionally, it’s fun seeing their travel photos, as well as the two blond Labradors living in a coach identical to—but one year newer than—ours. Pictures and stories compel us to visit different locations and try new things.

Share Knowledge and Advice

Just as we receive information from several people, we have been able to pass on what we’ve learned to others. Every time we have had a mechanical failure or figured out a better solution for any given problem, we have posted it. When we replaced our lights with LED or found a less expensive mechanic or services we add that information, as well. This is how we give back to our online community.
In Conclusion

There is a huge variety of outlets available for the benefit of RVers. These social media groups can provide opportunities to connect and share info with others in your area. No one is an island, and joining a few of these can provide support when you need it most.

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