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5 Facebook Pages for Family RVers

5 Facebook Pages for Family RVers

Imagine packing up the kids, grabbing the dog, and hitting the open road in your RV. These families did it and are telling the tales. These are their Facebook pages. They will inspire you and capture your imagination as they draw you into their world. Enjoy.

Meet the Colliers
The Colliers are a fun family of six (and a dog!) living full time in a renovated 1973 Winnebago that they affectionately call “Willie B.” They roadschool their four children and rely on workamping to make money on the road. Their blog, meetthecolliers.com tells their story as it unfolds and it even has a handy FAQ section for common questions from those curious about their adventure. They started out in 2013 and are still going strong. Parents who RV with their kids will enjoy the tips on roadschooling, family life in an RV, and finding quiet time for mom and dad. They also have a very informative ebook on the Camperforce program for those who are interesting in taking on this challenging workamping position.

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Ramies on the Road
Take a family of four, a Class A RV, and a come what may attitude – what do you get? The Ramies. This is an incredible story that started in June 2016. Their blog ramiesontheroad.com keeps readers up to date on their adventures, but there are also some great resources and excellent information. Follow this engaging little family as they follow their dream to leave society’s idea of security (brick and mortar home) and strike out across the country for a year. Where they ultimately land will be there new home. Where will that be? You’ll just have to follow the blog to find out.

How I Wrecked My Life
This is the story of a family who came to the realization that they were not living the life they wanted so they gave away all of their possessions and became fulltime RVers. This page supports the blog howiwreckedmylife.com. While it appears the blog has not been updated recently, there are still some interesting stories and very informative posts in the archives. Part of the appeal of this page is that these are just regular people, a dad, mom, and son, and they are inviting you into their lives to participate in their journey. It is refreshing and real.

Soulful RV Family
Of the RV families here, I believe this is my personal favorite. They have an awesome story to tell and some great stuff to share. There is something for everyone here, whether you RV full time, RV on the weekends, or just camp out occasionally in your back yard. The family consists of mom, dad, and, count them, SIX kids. Granted, one is an adult and lives on his own, one is attending college, and another is 17 years old, so most of the adventures will consist of mom, dad, and the youngest three. Will the whole gang ever RV together? You’ll just have to read the blog soulfulrvfamily.com to see.

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Fulltime Families
This is the official Facebook page for the website filltimefamilies.com and is a wealth of information for RVers in general, not just families who RV. It is a fun, supportive community where members share tips, post information, and participate in events like the Holiday Ornament Exchange. RV families will find some great posts on homeschooling while on the road. They talk about curriculum, internet access, and offer insight into the question on everyone’s lips – how do you RV fulltime with kids? Even if you don’t have kids there’s still some great stuff on Fulltime Families.

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