5 Campground Rules Owners Want You to Know, but Won’t Tell You

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5 Campground Rules Owners Want You to Know, but Won’t Tell You

5 Campground Rules Owners Want You to Know, but Won’t Tell You

Have you ever wondered what campground owners wish their guests would know, but hold off on revealing to be welcoming or polite? Campground owners want their guests to have a good time and often refuse to air their pet peeves for visitors, but knowing these tips can help you and everyone else have a better time camping. Here are some of the secrets I have learned since I began working with campground owners!

  1. The complimentary Internet connection is NOT for Netflix. Many campgrounds are in rural areas with poor Internet availability to begin with. Add to that the way campsites are spread out over a large area and you can already see how difficult providing Wi-Fi in a campground can be. When campers use their connections to download large files or steam videos, it slows down everybody’s connections. It’s better to use the campground’s Wi-Fi to check your email or quickly check in on social media and save the heavy usage for those times when you’re not trying to “get away from it all.”

  1. It’s not the campground’s fault the cable isn’t working! The most frequent reason that campers complain about cable connections not working is actually a problem on the user’s side, not the campground’s side. It turns out that most RVs have a switch that determines whether the television is using the antenna or the cable connection, and not changing this switch to cable position is almost always the reason that the campground’s cable hook up “doesn’t work.”

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  1. But seriously, now: the fire ring is not a garbage can. This is a frequent refrain not just from campground owners, but also camp hosts, maintenance crews, and fellow campers. Please, just put your garbage where it belongs and leave your fire ring clean for the next visitors.

  1. They’re not kidding about those visitor fees, and no, your friend can’t swim without registering. To the untrained eye, visitor fees might seem like a way to make some quick, extra cash for campground owners or simply a ridiculous rule, but it turns out these restrictions are there for good reason. Many insurance policies for campground amenities like pools and game rooms only cover registered guests, so if there were to be an accident, it’s very important that each person using those facilities is registered with the establishment. Often the fees go to covering the additional insurance required to cover more guests.

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  1. Don’t kick or throw rocks into the grass. Children at RV Parks love playing with the gravel on many campsites and it hardly seems much of a problem if they move some of the small rocks into the grass while playing, right? Wrong. These pieces of gravel can become a huge problem when it’s time to mow. If every single one is not carefully removed from the grass (which takes a lot of time), the lawn mower could kick one up and hit a vehicle – or worse, a person.

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