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4 Reasons Every RVer Should Own an Instant Pot

4 Reasons Every RVer Should Own an Instant Pot

Instant Pot pressure cookers are all the rage in the RV community. They are especially popular among full-time RVing families, and are a regular topic of conversation on RV forums and social media pages.

All of this must mean that owning an Instant Pot is a worthwhile investment. However, many people don’t understand why this particular kitchen appliance has become so popular in the RV crowd.

I hope to use this piece to briefly explain why this kitchen gadget has become a must-have product for RVers everywhere.

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#1: Space Saving

One of the biggest issues all RVers face is finding enough storage space. After all, living requires more stuff than many people realize, and even if you’re only camping for a long weekend, you’ll likely use up the majority of your RV cabinet space.

Fortunately, the Instant Pot is a moderately sized appliance, and because it does a number of different jobs, it definitely earns the space it does consume. This fancy gadget allows home cooks to get rid of their slow cookers entirely, and some RVers even choose to use the Instant Pot in place of a traditional stove or oven.

#2: Heat Reducing

There is no denying the fact that the summer heat can be hard to beat in an RV. Even with the A/C running full blast and blackout shades on the windows, an RV is no match for 100-degree (F) temperatures. This fact can make cooking in the rig during the summertime an unbearable experience, as both the stove and the oven have a tendency to add a few degrees to the temperature of the place.

This is where the Instant Pot steps in. This nifty appliance can cook virtually anything without adding excessive heat to the surrounding area. This means you can run this cooker without fear of heating your RV to unbearable temperatures.

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#3: Quick Cooking

RVers are busy people. Most folks who choose full-time travel do so in order to see the world, and this means they are often out and about until late in the day. The fact that the Instant Pot can have a whole meal ready in less than thirty minutes is a major bonus for these individuals who may find themselves often waiting until 8pm or 9pm to eat meals prepared in a more traditional manner.

#4: Slow Cooking

On the other hand, some adventurers prefer to start dinner in the morning before heading out to see the sights. This allows them to come home to a hot dinner that is ready to eat. Because the Instant Pot functions as a slow cooker as well as a pressure cooker, it offers this option for those who want to enjoy soups, stews, and other slow cooking meals.

Of course, these are just four of the reasons the Instant Pot is a fabulous investment. Want to learn more about why this is the perfect kitchen appliance for RVers? Why not invest in one and find out for yourself?

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Chelsea Barron

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