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10 Really Cool Homemade RV's

10 Really Cool Homemade RV's

Written By: Jason Mueller

Just because you’re in an RV doesn’t mean you can’t customize it to your liking. Whether you like the simple things in life or you’re trying to convert from an RV on the outside to a luxury condo on the inside there are endless possibilities on things to do to have exactly what you’re looking for when you travel. If you’re going to see the country or take some time checking out the best trails to travel this summer, why not do so in style, right?

These top ten RVs made the list of must-sees because of the creativity needed to make something homey out of something that you can hit the road in. Hire a contractor or get down on your hands and knees and put in the handiwork yourself to create an impressive, one of a kind RV or camper that you can haul behind your truck, drive or just pack on top of your car and go when you’re ready to go. Never the less, these ideas are all spectacular and may bring some inspiration to you as you brainstorm ideas for your own special RV.

  1. Tiny House On-the-Go

Some just hook their tiny house up on the trailer, attach it to their truck and hit the road. Tiny houses are becoming more and more popular. While, not exactly an RV, they are homes you can bring with you on the go and allow you to see the country without having to leave your home behind. With a great place to bunk as well as building a kitchen to spend meal times on the road, tiny homes are an ideal way to travel. These homes make it easy to travel the country but also to plant them on a permanent foundation when you decide to settle down and slow down the roaming a little.
  1. Bus Transformed

An RV can be made from just about anything. An old bus is the perfect drive-around RV for those ambitious enough to totally reinvent the inside. Add bedrooms, a small kitchen and even a bathroom. Many owners have busses that look like a bus on the outside, but transformed the inside to look like an RV. There are many ways to transform a bus to make it a home on wheels.
  1. 1970’s Vibe

Find an old RV? Does it look like a silver bullet? Usually when these great finds are found, the inside needs some work. This can be done through renovations. Completely restore the inside to give it an upscale appeal or restore it to its former glory, that’s what some did anyway. Many of these classic campers are still in excellent condition and just hanging out in someone’s backyard so why not try to find one and see what you can do with it.

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  1. Transport Container

Chances are, you’ve seen big rigs driving down the road before. How about transforming the shipping rig into an RV for circulating the country in? For several years now, shipping containers have been used to convert into small homes as well as RV’s. If you contact the right contractor, you can even convert a shipping container into a swimming pool! Complete with everything you need to live comfortably inside the back, the inside is great for the road trip until you reached your destination.
  1. An Old Truck and Cap

Throwing together somewhere to sleep for the night usually involves an air mattress and tent. However, these owners took it a step further and turned their truck and cap into a camper section. With cupboards, a loft and even a place for the dog to sleep, they can travel and stay anywhere their heart desires.
  1. The Work Van Camper

That old carpenters van can turn into an RV in a breeze. Just strip it down and replace one side with a sleeping section, another with a small kitchen and storage space for all items. It is simple and provides everyone with a comfortable place to call home for a short period of time. If you plan to use the van as a work truck, you can always convert the top into a sleeping quarter with a pop up style camper and continue using the truck to maintain work as a handyman, carpenter, satellite or cable installer or other laborer as you travel and enjoy time spent on the road.
  1. The Old Jeep Camper

Nothing beats driving around in your old Jeep as you cruise around the countryside. However, what if you could stay in the Jeep wherever you end up? How about adding a camper to the back of a Jeep and being able to travel the country and easily pull over for the night when you feel like it? Whether you’re in the woods or even spending some rest time in a parking area, a simple camper top can not only add convenience to your travel itinerary but it can save money on hotel bills. Easy solution to those travel problems!
  1. Custom Camper Cover

Having a camper on the top of your vehicle can be ideal. What if you could add it to any vehicle? Completely customize the camper that is on top of your vehicle. A camper top is a simple add-on to any vehicle, large or small and can be a great accessory for those who like to travel in a smaller vehicle but also love to check out the scenic routes and out of the way spots where they can build a fire and spend the night in the wilderness.

9. The Party Bus

Party busses have a little bit of everything in them, but they’re still not ‘RV-worthy’ which means that they must be re-done on the inside. Just purchase a used, run down party bus and turned it into the ultimate RV for traveling. You’ll have everything they need that comes in an RV, but the interior will host the ultimate party on wheels for all your friends or anyone else who may be looking for a cool way to throw a party.

10. RV Turned Luxury House on Wheels

If you’re skipping having a house at all, then turning an older RV into your home on wheels is the best way to go. Stripping the inside of the RV to make it into an upscale home can provide the space needed, but also the comfort you want while away from home. Some even have small rooms for more privacy.

Anything is possible with a little creativity and imagination. Turn just about any vehicle with wheels into a home that you can bring wherever you’d like to go. The whole purpose of having an RV is so that you can travel the roads ahead with your home behind you, isn’t it?

About the Author: Jason is an expatriate who loves to travel. His company A-1 Auto Transport Allows him to travel and work where he wants. He enjoys the outdoors and camping.

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