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10 Last Minute RV Stocking Stuffers

10 Last Minute RV Stocking Stuffers

I love gadgets. Tech gadgets, RV gadgets – well pretty much anything cool gets my attention. So, I’m pretty good about keeping my finger on the pulse of uber cool RV gadgets. Here are a few of my picks for some last-minute RV stocking stuffers. Be inspired!

RV 6 Tire Pressure Monitor
Your RV tires are very important. A problem with them could leave you boondocking on the side of the road or cut your vacation short. The RVer in your life will love to find this tire monitor in their stocking. It checks for high temps, high and low pressure, and slow leaks – 24/7. The warnings and alerts are customizable and have great range so they work on most RVs and travel trailers without the need for a booster. Don’t send your RVer on the road without this handy gadget.

Spot Trace Anti-Theft Tracker
Your RV is your home – even if it’s on a temporary basis. Should someone steal it you don’t want to lose all of your belongings. Attach the Spot Trace to your RV and enjoy peace of mind. The compact design means it won’t be discovered and you can customize the notification frequency and tracking capabilities. It is on satellite so it works anywhere and the outstanding battery life give you confidence that your RV is secure.

Encrypted Flash Drive
When you’re on the road you need to keep your important records safe and secure. The RVer in your life will love this 8 GB USB flash drive. It’s 256-bit encrypted with FIPS 197military level encryption. It is waterproof and works on both Windows and Mac.

Solar Charger for Mobile Devices
Use the sun to charge your smartphone with the Bolt Solar Charger. You can also plug it into the wall or via the USB port to charge it. It has a battery that is rechargeable and replaceable, plus it holds its charge for up to a year. One smartphone can get two full charges from the Bolt. You’ll get lots of mileage from this great gadget.

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39 Piece Tool Set
Every house can use a good tool kit – and that includes your RV. This 39-piece general tool set has the usual things like piers, screwdrivers, and an assortment of bits, but it also has some other goodies to make the kit complete. There’s a hammer, scissors, hex keys, a tape measure, and plastic knife. What makes this even better is that it is all contained in a molded case that snaps closed. You’ll be ready for anything!

Bullseye RV Level
Your favorite RVer will love to find this in their stocking. It makes quick and easy work of leveling your RV. Its round design allows it to read 360 degrees at one time so you don’t have to move or turn it. The bullseye design makes it easy to read.

Zubin Axe Hiking Pole
It’s a hiking pole, but wait, it’s a saw, a fishing spear, a slingshot, an axe, a hunting spear, and a shovel. There’s also a handy compass that fits on the stick. All the attachments fit neatly in your backpack while you use the hiking pole for, well, hiking. The attachment kits come with a bag to keep all the attachments together. You’ll be the coolest hiker on the trail.

Cordless Drill
Every RV can benefit from a good cordless drill. This one is a nice all around, multi-use drill with 30 accessories that go far beyond drill bits. There’s also nut drivers, screwdriving bits, and a convenient magnetic bit tip holder. It features a soft grip handle and comes with a 20-volt lithium ion battery and charger. It’ll make all those little jobs around the RV a snap.

Stanley Mountain Vacuum Coffee System
Now you can carry your coffee along or just make a cup or two on the trail. This coffee system is all stainless steel so it won’t rust. It has an integrated pot for heating water and French press for coffee making. You can separate the lid making two cups so you can share with someone special and the stopper has a dry storage area so you can store some coffee grounds. Even better, it keeps cold stuff cold for 13 hours and hot stuff hot for 15 hours.

Pocket Picnic Blanket
Who would think that you could take a 63” X 44” puncture resistant and water repellent blanket and fold it up to the size of your wallet? Yet the Matador Pocket Blanket does just that. Great for laying out on the beach, huddling around the campfire, or enjoying your favorite festival. It’s special stitching makes it easy to fold and then tuck into the integrated storage bag.

So, what do you think? Care to share your great ideas for RV stocking stuffers?

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